2024: The Year Ahead

It’s 2024 and it’s time to look at what’s in store for us on the path ahead – you can read the detail below but here is a brief point-form overview of the year ahead divided into three categories:

1. the obvious (the stuff that makes you go duh!)
2. the not-so-obvious (the stuff that makes you go oooh)
3. and the downright surprising (the stuff that makes you go wooaahh!!!)


the obvious:

  • lots of change
  • plans not working out
  • coping mechanism failure
  • political instability


the not-so-obvious:

  • more weather extremes
  • electromagnetic anomalies
  • conclusions
  • revisited by whatever you rejected
  • abundance and freedom
  • control and safety
  • bullies and mental instability
  • feeling empty


the downright surprising (page all the way down to read this one)

  • one path, no veering off
  • global agendas
  • no more secrets
  • shockwaves around the world
  • trumpets
  • triumph of the little guy
  • cosmic justice (karma and consequence)
  • space gets closer


Let me start by giving you some detail on the obvious

Change, upheaval and political instability are the obvious but along with that – don’t plan too much.

You should know by now know that your plans don’t always work out the way you’d like. Well, this year your soul is in charge and that means that your plans will be overridden / overwritten by a higher force if they aren’t in alignment with your higher outcome. You may feel victimized or punished if you think that there is nothing beyond your vision, but there is! That’s the point – your vision is way too small.

Having your plans fail does not make you powerless or take away free will. You’re being asked to see who has free will – is it the ego self (the illusion) or the true self? Ask yourself if you’re willing to forsake the desires of the ego (personality self) and begin working with your soul, and eventually as your soul. This is new territory and an invitation to work at a much higher level.

Most people are so busy acting human that they’ve bought into the act and have forgotten that they’re portraying a character. A necessary character for the sake of navigation of the false matrix, but a made up one none-the-less. Your cosmic self is calling you home and until you know yourself as your cosmic self (aka soul/true self/higher self) you’re going to be defending an illusion and attempting to get the illusion to create reality which it’s not equipped to do.


Now let’s look at the not-so-obvious


Just when you think the weather is getting weirder and less predictable… it’s going to get even more so but that will likely be accompanied by electromagnetic anomalies because we are seeing a huge amount of cosmic activity that involves our magnetic field interacting with the surrounding cosmic field. The planetary magnetic field is getting thinner (as it’s meant to at this time) and this allows the surrounding cosmic field to interact with our environment. For eons these two fields did not interact and now, as we come into preparation for ascension they begin to meet and merge and remember that they’re not separate at all, they’re old friends.

With the magnetic field and cosmic field interacting you’ll see weather disruptions both small scale and large scale, these will be very likely to create electrical disturbances. The more sensitive the equipment, the more likely it is to be negatively affected. At times so much cosmic energy enters our atmosphere that it can cause everything to spike, from our bodies electro-magnetic field to the electrical grid that supplies power to our homes.

It won’t be uncommon to see more short circuiting of electrical equipment, the more sensitive the equipment the more vulnerable it will be. Our bodies are also being rewired and we can feel this, sometimes describing the side effects as “ascension symptoms”.



Don’t be surprised if you see your hair sticking up with static electricity or find yourself getting little shocks from metal objects around the home. In the future we’ll also see rainbows behaving differently and have permanent aurora borealis in certain parts of the world.



Those who suffer from mental illness will most likely find their symptoms exacerbating if they’re not consciously working on themselves, a mental illness that is medically treated but not emotionally addressed will require stronger and stronger medication because the underlying emotional patterns that are in dysfunction are likely to exacerbate.

Parents of children with mental illness will be asked to become the stability for their children during these times.

People with narcissistic tendencies, or those engaging with emotionally abusive behaviors, are either going to get very humbled very quickly and be granted the opportunity to work on themselves or they’re going to worsen with reckless abandon for consequences.



Your light protects you! Don’t’ forget that!! Don’t focus on their darkness, instead focus on the only place you have power – your light.

We spent a month exploring that in the plasma light tribe (review calls 131 to 134) and I assure you that as people out there become more unpredictable and unhinged, you’re going to be given every opportunity to get more grounded and stabilized in the light that protects you, but you’ll have to do the work and invest time and devotion into your growth.



The bullies of this world will rise up in 2024, I know that sounds scary but review what I just wrote about your light and how it protects you. A bully believes they have the right to terrorize and control others, but they have some humbling lessons coming up:

they’ll eventually have to face the fear upon which their bully tactics are founded and when they do they’ll breathe a sigh of relief and finally be freed from the torment of their own fear

they’ll learn that whatever they try to control becomes their weakness and their control lands up controlling them, in other words unless they take their life back their unconscious behavior is going to make a servant out of them and they’ll be powerless to stop it. This leads to a great reckoning of facing themselves.



In 2024 you’re being asked to bring as much into closure and conclusion as you possibly can, this is in preparation for the years ahead where you’ll be learning new things and taking in new energies that require space that is currently occupied by density. See this as a great exercise in creating space.



As you create more space by releasing more past, you may feel empty. We are used to associating emptiness with discomfort but it’s our natural state of power where we learn to work with the cosmic void.



The only path out of dysfunction is your truth, and you’re going to be called to walk that path. You’ll be called to reclaim anything disowned or denied and be asked to enter into abundance at whatever level is appropriate for you. Wherever we have scarcity in our lives, a great wound is being revealed to us and requires us to reclaim something in that space that scarcity currently occupies.

As they heal, some people will experience an abundance of love, others an abundance of joy, others still may experience material abundance. Some may experience abundance everywhere. Reclaiming all that was once disowned is a large part of the remedy. This is a massive undertaking, and we begin working on it in January in the Plasma Light Tribe. Our theme for the month is alchemy and it is the foundation to walking upon this earth as a being of mastery.


Now let’s talk about the downright surprising



In 2024 there is one path that your soul has laid for you, there is no veering off this path and if you do, you’ll find yourself being brought back over and over again, each time more abruptly than the last. This may be a humbling experience for some. Don’t fight against your soul, but how do you know if you are?

Check on your levels of humility and flexibility, are you humble and are you flexible and ask yourself if you’re willing to become even more so. Humility breaks the shackles of the ego and allows you open access to the true self.



The more you think that you can and should control the outcome, the more you’re operating from the stubbornness of the ego who is used to going it alone and not used to asking for help, let alone being supported. Being supported is a humbling process and allowing yourself to be met by support instead of being the all-knowing oracle in your life, is a great start to a much more aligned relationship with your higher consciousness.

You’re learning who you are but to do that, you have to realize that the ingrained behaviors that we call our “personality” are the very places where we got stuck.



Just like the bullies, the global controllers are going to have some humbling lessons and the little guy (aka humanity) cooks up a big serving of humble pie in 2024. The shock waves of humanity returning to their humble nature will be felt everywhere, this is what becomes the undoing of the controllers. They’re used to humanity mimicking their behavior and they know that those who don’t mimic their behavior, feed it by fighting against it. In 2024 the potential exists for us to stop mimicking the bully behavior and stop fighting it and shaming it, but rather, to be the answer. Get real, authentic and humble to the truth of who you are which has two surprising characteristics:

1. it’s far more magnificent than you could dare to dream
2. it’s far less grandiose than you could ever imagine



We live in such a paradoxical time, on one hand there are no more global secrets but on the other hand humanity is too overloaded to take truth in, so they choose distraction instead of truth.

Distraction is exhausting and needs constant work to maintain, so instead of playing into the mindless zombification of your consciousness, take time to get centered, meditate and connect. This is the pathway of mastery. It’s your path and you only move forward by walking your path, not waiting for another one or an easier version which does not exist.

Get brave and real and courageous now and know this: the secrets of the universe will be revealed to you if you dare to look. Don’t get sidetracked and don’t get distracted. Look and see what’s in front of you! It won’t be on the news; it will be too obvious to broadcast but unavoidable and undeniable to those who hold consciousness.

This is why a large portion of what I teach in the PLT revolves around connecting into stillness, harnessing your abilities to see what’s in front of you and not getting lost in the illusion. Along with that, you’ll also need to stop waiting for other people to “get it” and see what you see. They will only do that when it’s their time, don’t let that stop you or slow you down. You’re a front runner and it’s not your role to wait for others, it’s your role to blaze a trail for them to find when they’re ready.



This is the balancing out of what we once called karma. Karma was the concept of consequence, which made sense because there is always consequence. But then the false matrix took this universal truth and perverted it into a vehicle of fear and punishment, rebranded as karma.

Karma worked against humanity who became locked into cycles of servitude, debt and payback that was destined to only ever accumulate. Due to the shortened life spans we never got to stick around long enough to learn anything. We also got disconnected from our souls truth and wisdom so we were fumbling in the dark to learn and evolve without resources.

Consequence allows for humanity course correct, at least, that’s how it should be and would be in the natural universe outside of the false matrix. Consequence shows us what works and what doesn’t and we approach that with eagerness to learn instead of the shame of making mistakes. When we fear mistakes and feel shame for making them we circumvent growth and start avoiding it. This is part of what locks us into cycles of punishment, passed down from one generation to another under the banner of “ancestral karma” or ancestral baggage.

When we move out of karma and back into the natural cycle of consequence, we find that a lot of the heaviness we were holding belongs to others.

In short, what all of this means is that people can no longer avoid consequence because karma allowed them to. It was such a long-drawn-out process of “pay back” that it never got paid back in any one life. Now, it’s happening very quickly, and all karma must dissolve into consequence and consequence is far more immediate than karma.

No, not every bad guy is going to have things fall apart on them immediately. Now that consequence is back in business, the unscrupulous will find life a lot harder. Consequence restores conscience and a lot of people perpetrated some very devious things due to the absence of conscience. When conscience is back there is little that an unscrupulous person can do to find peace, until they come into a reckoning with themselves. The punishment that many will find is going to come in the form of having to face the mental anguish they perpetrated on others.



It’s going to send shockwaves around the world, but the “little guy” is going to triumph this year like never before. Why now? Because enough people have cottoned on to how it’s done and they’re no longer exhausting themselves by fighting against a system that is designed to grow and flourish by the energy invested in it. Even when the energy is angry and resistant, it only feeds what it fights. There are some people, enough people, who have learned not to fight but to be the higher outcome they seek. They want peace, they stop playing at the level of war-and-peace and they start being pure peace that transcends duality. They want change, they stop playing at the level of waking others up, and they start being the awakening.

Triumph was never about defeating the false matrix, but about learning to transcend it.

Shockwaves also refers to the raw energy we will have the opportunity to harness in 2024. Cosmic energy that we were once separate from, when it returns, can feel like shockwaves to our reality.



Big victories are coming for truth to be restored against all odds. The machines of propaganda that tell people what to think are going to continue to discredit themselves. Remember that darkness is designed to do that; it’s designed to self-implode. For too long people were fighting darkness instead of being the light. The more darkness you fight, the more darkness you feed. The more light you become, the less space you create for darkness. When darkness is not fed it becomes desperate and makes moves that become its own undoing. In truth, darkness is not meant to be separate from light, when it collapses in on itself the only thing that collapse is its separation and then there is nothing preventing it from becoming light. That’s what darkness becomes -spoiler alert- light.



Conversations about space are going to become prevalent in 2024. I wouldn’t put it past the old controllers to create fear tactics involving UFO’s, space invasions or events happening out in space such as asteroids or other cosmic events that generate a sense of doom or fear. Remember the darkness is desperate. I feel that space is going to take up more room in our consciousness because we are becoming acquainted with who we are as cosmic beings. Once the fear narrative wears off, what will be left is connection and that’s something that each person has in store for them in 2024 – a deeper connection with the cosmic field that we were all separate from in the false matrix. We’re going home and part of that journey is coming home to who we are. Instead of identifying ourselves with a country, culture and skin colour our borders are going to get larger until we remember that we are cosmic beings who cannot even be identified with a planet but rather, with the infinite truth of our own consciousness. We will see that planets and bodies are merely vehicles that offer us the opportunity to have these holographic experiences called life, but they are not who we are, they are holders through which consciousness comes. That does not invalidate the bodies, but it reminds us that we are the consciousness first and foremost.

The place we call “outer space” is Gods consciousness aka The Universe. We once lived in disconnection to it, as if it were so far away, even removed from us. The same “space” that exists “out there” is also “in here” and it gets activated in 2024 as we unplug further from the false matrix whilst connecting deeper to the organic universe we originally come from.



Watch out for more ascension symptoms because more truth coming in means more density going out. The displacement of old energies can result in more ascension symptoms. Having said that, don’t attach to the ascension symptoms, they’re meant to be transient and the higher your frequency the less impactful they become. Learn to let them go so that you can enjoy the new frequency that is taking form inside of you. Support yourself in the endeavor by being devoted to your return to your souls organic blueprint, come and join the Plasma Light Tribe.

You’ll be asked to let go of more than you can think in 2024, in order to be much more than you can imagine.

Don’t get hung up on “stuff”, there’s simply no room for bitterness, jadedness and cynicism. That kind of density is going to become too heavy to hold. When you let that go you will find that there’s a lightness within you. Within that lightness there’s a space that contains the Universal blueprint … God, creation, divinity – it’s all there… inside of you.


with so much love
from my heart to yours



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