Kerry K – About me

A childhood of severe illness led me to have many encounters with death.

Spending a lot of time in this other worldly experience beyond the veil, gave me access to what I can best describe as pre-consciousness. That is the God-like state we all exist in as soul’s pre-embodiment, and in direct union with God-Source-Consciousness.

I began remembering at a very young age, not only who I was as an infinite soul, but who we all were and why we came to this planet and these lives. I began to see the false matrix for what it was, a minefield of lies and manipulation. I also began to see the false matrix manipulate the spiritual community in a desperate attempt to prevent ascension.

As the years of my life went by, I began to integrate and come to terms with what I had been shown in my multiple encounters with death. But it was not death that taught me the most, it was life. As I learned to be alive in a whole new way, as if emerging from many layers of illusion, my many life experiences all seemed to lead me to one place, life beyond the false matrix.

I learned how to dilate time and move through many layers of consciousness until I was in pure presence, experiencing myself as presence.

I remembered my own past at first, in much more vivid detail than ever before. Soon I remembered my birth then my past lives and eventually humanity’s past and our planetary past. I learned not just to see but to assimilate what I was seeing from a higher dimensional perspective, thanks to the tutorship and guidance of Galactic beings who supported me so that one day, I could support you.

Support me in doing what, you might ask.

Support you in remembering who you really are, is the answer. My name is Kerry K and I remember home, where we all come from. It is not a place but a state of being that still exists within you, waiting for your return.

In 2016, I remembered the future, which was not uncommon, but this particular time and place was extraordinary because I remembered my own ascension. I lived it as if it was taking place in real time and at the end was given the opportunity to leave this life or return to support those who are ascending. I chose to return, for my children, for you, for our planet and the opportunity to support the ascension process from within and therefore make it more than it was ever meant to be.

For those who seek support and guidance in navigating their ascension journey, my hand is open.

My online community was created for just this moment, to support you and people like you in finding your way back home, to the centre of your divinity within you.