My story


Illness opened the door to pre-consciousness


I spent much of my childhood flitting from this side of the veil to the other side. Until I was an adult, I don’t think I fully comprehended how sick I was. Many childhood years had me spending more time in hospital than at home. The space beyond the veil became very familiar, in fact it became my home. It was easier than teetering between life and death, I simply lived with an open door, travelling between the physical and non-physical worlds.

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The organic universe


In the non-physical everything made sense, ironically, I experienced myself as more solid and alive there. The non-physical I’m referring to is the organic universe beyond the false matrix.

Imagine a silence that is so loud you can hear it and it’s wonderful, almost as if you were hearing the mind of God speaking but without words because it speaks in waves of energy. Imagine those waves as a profusion of undulating presence, pulsating and potent, and you – plugged in to each wave, experiencing yourself, the waves, and the orchestrator, as one thing.

This is where I spent my childhood, and this is what I forgot and had to remember as an adult. It’s also what I teach humanity; how easily we descend into the false matrix and how capable we are of transcending it, to access our own divine wisdom.


The false matrix


There are many purposefully laid traps upon the spiritual seekers path, to prevent them from attaining true connection to divinity, and to keep them lost in the false matrix. The spiritual community is flooded with incomplete teachings, distractions, and distortions; all in a desperate attempt to prevent ascension.


The Galactics


As an adult I was gifted amazing non-physical teachers, they’re called “The Galactics” and are a group of highly evolved non terrestrial beings who came to help me remember the other side of the veil. They were infuriating teachers, not because they scolded me but because they kept pointing me back to myself so that I had nowhere else to go but within, to regain access to my true divinity.

Their teachings became my methods to support humanity in regaining access to their own divinity. I often say that my role is not to lead people to me, but to lead people back to their true self, beyond the false matrix. I’m not here to give them the answers, but to show them that they are the answer.


Multiple NDE's taught me about life beyond the veil (Near Death Experience)

Our Purpose


“We have a mission here, each starseed, lightworker and spiritual warrior among us, and that is to be the ripple of awakening upon this planet. It was a crazy role to undertake, to come into the false matrix to collapse it from the inside. And here we are, finding each other and walking each other back home, just like we always said we would. Once we regain our connection to home (the true self), our next step is to bring home here.”


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