All I want is Nothing

All I want is nothing.

Here I sit, as I have been for many days now, in a timelessness. A quiet inner sanctuary of pure peace that will not be disturbed.

I have willed myself to write to you all many times over, and let you know that I love you and have not left you, yet when I sit down to type there are no words.

I am in a quiet that goes beyond silence. A place I have not been before and yet I know that each one of us will come here on our ascension journey. The place of absolute no-THING and pure relentless peace. I would have said to you, if I had heard those words before that I am familiar with this place. Yet no matter how much peace and stillness and timeless I’ve experienced before, this is far … so far beyond any experience I ever knew. Words can not describe it.

It began when I facilitated the Triple 3 Gateways a few weeks ago and has only gotten deeper.

I am here. Nothing more. With me, and within me is the purity of god-source knowingness. It is a presence that seeks nothing, wants nothing and in truth, has nothing to say. Yes that’s right … I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY … or to describe it more accurately: We have nothing to say. That’s more aligned to the truth of what this feels like. There is no “I” but a “we”ness/oneness/wholeness.

I am aware constantly of the collective, and I feel us as a higher collective of supreme intelligence orchestrating a miracle that is filtering into every living thing.

Do not underestimate the grand coup d’état of consciousness taking place right now. Many human beings (purposefully) do not know what they are doing at a higher level in order to successfully transform our society into a golden aged species of harmony. Leave it that way, do not bark loudly at the sleeping ones, let them slumber a little more for it is not you who must awaken them, but their own inner knowing of who they are that will do the job.

Sit here with me a little, in this silent allness, marvelling at the magic and wonder of heavenly love returning.