An Energy Activation

This message is short and sweet, read it with intention and let the energy flow:

Whatever you are doing today, I want these words that you are reading to remind you that you are more than the body you are in. You are a divine being of conscious light who has taken bodily form.

Consciousness can never be truly severed.🧬💜

This means that you can never truly be separate from who you are. Your remembering and reconnecting is inevitable. There will be days when you feel less like the personality your name represents and more like the infinite creator consciousness that you are. This is normal, it’s meant to be this way and I know that it can be disconcerting but all that is occurring now is returning you to the truth of who you are.

Consciousness can never be truly severed.❤️🦋

It was only ever beyond your view, but never lost. YOU were never lost, the real you is present with you now as you read these words which you should already understand is an activation of your awareness. Be inside that activation, be inside your magnificence which is a place that I know some will say they have never been to. Go there now, go meet yourself as the one who is coming home to YOU.

All my love
Kerry K❤️❤️❤️