Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious

We like to think that it is our conscious thoughts and emotions (ie, that which we are aware of) that directs our life. It does. But equally so does your unconsciousness.

Think about the implications of that statement, they’re massive, and imply that your unconsciousness has equal creative power in your life. The thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are outside of your awareness therefore, are continually creating your world, along with your consciousness and super-consciousness.

What this means is that in order to become a fully empowered creator, you need to make your unconscious, conscious.

How would we do that?

By going into the centre of the unknown, within you. It is the centre of your unconsciousness. Be there. Silent. Observing. With calm respectful presence, appreciating the privilege that is yours. To see a world once hidden from your view. This is also called The Shadow Self. Yet there is nothing dark about the shadow, you are the illuminator, the visionary bringing sight to the unseen. You are there to hear the unheard self, to acknowledge the unacknowledged self. You are the great liberator. Revealing what was once hidden. All the while, you expand and occupy more fully that field of once unclaimed, unaware, unknown, unconsciuousness…thus making known the unknown, conscious the unconscious.

That is your job, now more than ever before.

Darkness to Light.

With love
Kerry K