Beyond division and into wholeness

Recently I have seen so many divisive posts and so many divided opinions, from vaccine debates which land up in name calling, the term conspiracy theorist touted in dismissal of viewpoints that are alternative to the mainstream and so on. So many engaged in fighting the small fights that the bigger picture hardly ever gets addressed.

If you take a step back, you will see something that is both sad and obvious at the same time. Humanity is so easy to control, laughably easy, because it is easy to cause division among them. It is easy to cause division among them because they are divided within themselves. They do not easily remain centred.

Let us be the exception!

Let us find peace in our every breath, let us take that peace and breathe it consciously into the cells of our body where it is distributed to the trillions of tiny consciousnesses that make us whole. Let us send a message to those cellular cells (selves) that together, we are ONE unified field of consciousness. Then, remind yourself that each of us is a collective of cellular geniuses contained in wholeness coming into an even greater wholeness, as we connect with each other.

Now you are powerful!

From this vantage point, you can see how division does not serve you, how you just moved beyond the need to be right and wrong. How you just relaxed the mechanism in you that was previously programmed to fight, or to see division and amplify it.

There are those who stand directly in opposition to truth and telling of truth, they don’t need your help, they are doing a fine job revealing exactly who they are. Acknowledging these deceptions is imperative, that withdraws any opportunity for you to turn a blind eye and offer tacit consent. Thereafter, move on. Swiftly move on and into your own wholeness where are far more impactful as a co-creator of more of the same.

When you are in personal wholeness, you begin to lose the need to fight but you remain clear, resolute, and firm. Unshakable in your truth but not defensive nor dogmatic. You know peace, you live peace, you are peace. Then you cannot be manipulated into stoking the flames of division by exposing your own. You simply see things and move on. I believe in the power of your vision, your ability to see realities and potentials makes you powerful. You see a lie and move on; you see a truth and move toward it. It becomes that simple.

You will realise that there is no external “boogie man” when you face your inner shadow, suddenly you will see that all those big dark scary agendas are just agenda’s. You render them powerless by seeing them, you neutralise them through your neutrality. To dissolve the global shadow, begin by seeing the personal shadow. In the light of your acknowledgment shadow ceases its covert nature and is diminished. Keep seeing it within to change it without.

We are doing something completely different to how we used to. Remember that so you are not tempted to “fight the small fights” and instead choose to align yourself with your highest possible outcomes.

From my heart to yours
Kerry K