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My directive is to serve humanity by working in groups.

For this reason, I have trained a group of exceptionally powerful facilitators to offer private sessions in my stead.

Choose from these two sessions
Choose from these two sessions

Intensive Personal Session


An intensive personal session is known as a SIT session (Soul Integration Therapy), an in-depth one-to-one session facilitated by our practitioners to offer you support in entering a higher alignment with your own Soul, enabling you to shift your current reality.

Your soul is the part of you that is ancient, eternal and wise. It is your higher consciousness and holds the ability to shift you into a higher outcome.

Your facilitator is trained to support you in accessing your souls communication and bring it into embodiment where the transformation occurs. This could result in a shift in consciousness that you experience at the body-mind-soul level.

You are welcome to bring any focal point into the session, your facilitator may pick up on something else or be guided to look at another focal point, if it presents itself.

SIT: Regular price $233
Limited time offer $150


Meet the Facilitators


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A Soul Energy Alignment (SEA) Session is when one of our trained and accredited facilitators transmits a 15D signal to you, the purpose of which is to realign you with the quantum energy of your soul. 15D is pure divinity, your soul in its purest and highest form. It is relayed directly into your field and whilst the SEA session is only a few minutes long (approx 15) the light codes stay very active in your field for at least 24 hours after, contunually bringing you into higher alignment. The transmission serves to align you with your highest outcome, no matter where you are or what you’re going through, thus allowing divinity to directly interact with you at the quantum level.

A note about SEAs: These sessions occur at the energetic level, there is no direct personal interaction and therefore no opportunity to ask for feedback. If you require personal interaction, please book a Soul Integration Therapy (SIT) Session

SEA: Regular price $77
Limited time offer $50



When divinity interacts with you directly, there is no way of knowing how things will shift, only that you are making space for a quantum shift to ripple into your life. Here are some examples of what that can look like:

  • You find a way when there is no way to be seen
  • You break through when you’re stuck and can’t keep going
  • You see things you were blind to before
  • You know things your brain can’t even understand
  • You find solutions you weren’t looking for and couldn’t have thought to ask for
  • You experience synchronicity that you couldn’t even imagine
  • You experience how things somehow resolve themselves, not because you have fixed them, instead because you (as the recipient) are being aligned with your higher consciousness and it does the work
  • You experience healing without directing it
  • You feel an inexplicable feeling of more fullness and amplified presence and connection to divinity
  • You experience an alignment to a higher outcome, and
  • A lightness of being

A note from Kerry K


…for a human being to experience this kind of effortlessness is utterly miraculous. They’re so used to driving their lives, their healing and their ascension and this allows them an understanding of what it feels like to take their hands off the wheel a little bit and to interact with divinity at the highest level.

Meet yourself
meet yourself

working with our facilitators is an opportunity to meet yourself more fully. Learning how to access parts of you beyond your current vibrational frequency. So that ultimately, your own higher consciousness becomes your greatest teacher, healer and liberator. Our facilitators are energy workers specializing in connecting you to your soul’s wisdom

choose your facilitator
choose your facilitator

Booking a Kerry-K-accredited-facilitator can only be done on this site. They are a group of beings who have her highest respect, have worked with her extensively and intensively and continue to do so as part of their devotion to their highest alignment.

Meet Lisa Leinen

I am a founding member of the Plasma Light Tribe and Galactic Ground Crew. My healing journey began some 30 years ago, when I entered Jungian analysis after suffering severe childhood trauma, which included physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Many years in analysis gave me huge insight into the human psyche but through working with Kerry, I now understand that energetic healing is much quicker and more effective than the long, drawn-out process of analysis.

I’m now seven years sober from alcohol addiction and have also overcome other addictions as well. Working these past four years with Kerry has given me the tools required to face myself and transmute my ego wounding so that I can embody more of my Divinity. I would love to have the opportunity to help you do the same. I provide a safe space for you to speak your Truth so that we can discover what is presenting to be healed. And I will hold you in love as we explore the incredible brilliance and healing power of your own Divinity.





“My session with Lisa Leinen was incredible.

This was an assisted deep dive into something I wanted to more fully heal.
I prepared myself prior to the call. I did a focused meditation of ancestral healing as well as a deep grounding meditation. I choose the ‘Intensive Personal Session’

I saw these actions on my part as ‘priming the pump’ so to speak.
Also it was clearly setting my intentions in a tangible manner.

It has been about six weeks since the call and I am at a loss for words at how deep this encounter was and the depth of healing and clearing is immeasurable.

I highly recommend this process and this facilitator.”


“I worked with Lisa several times. She helped me with her magnificent presence, loving open heart, her deep understanding, her compassion and neutrality to connect with myself on a very deep level, I couldn’t reach on my own. I trusted her immediately, because I felt her deepness, love and strength from the first moment. I
recommend to work with this wonderful facilitator, if you really want to face yourself and go to a deep level, you cannot reach on your own. She has the ability to help you, because she went through a lot and understands a lot. Her ascension ripples on you if you allow to let love in. With Lisa it eases to let love in because she is a living example, that it is possible to receive and give love. Thank you Lisa for your being and your courage!”

“I had an amazing session with Lisa. She is not only a powerful presence but also very safe and calming. She held space beautifully and walked me through an intense yet gentle healing session. I would HIGHLY recommend her!”
“I just had my first session with Lisa, and I’ve already booked my next one. She has a powerful grounded presence rooted in deep compassion and tenderness. With a depth of knowledge and a gift for space holding, energetic connection and deep listening, she absolutely blew my mind.
I had such a profound session with her and I know she has already helped me so much. There are not enough stars to choose to say how highly I recommend working with her.

Your heart will feel seen, your body will feel tended to and your soul will become more available to you for your own inner healing.
Thank you Lisa for shining your light and supporting me to feel brave enough to shine mine.”

“I had a very lovely session with Lisa where I felt very safe and held from the beginning. With her guidance I got to connect with my soul and really felt it integrate in my body. It is deeply admirable how she is able to send that kind of energy out. If anyone is in need of some quality energy work, I can really recommend her!”
“I have had several sessions with Lisa which have had a profound impact on my life and in my beingness. In the beginning, I had much resistance to the idea of connecting to myself, but with Lisa’s help over several sessions, I had finally felt deep in my gut that connecting to my true self is my highest purpose that would truly nourish my soul in every shape and form.

Lisa’s authenticity and presence allowed me to be vulnerable for the first time in my life with another human being. I was able to feel the deepest pains I have endured and connected to the emptiness in my heart, all the time while Lisa energetically held me and I felt very safe. Lisa helped me to see clearly how I had given away all my power to the external world whilst she gently guided me to my own divinity. Many times after a session I went straight into a deep sleep. I always felt a part of me had healed after every session.

I trusted Lisa from the beginning and have been able to work together through highly sensitive issues that I wouldn’t dare to share with another for fear of repercussions. I had intuition that Lisa would understand me and it was no surprise she shared many similar experiences from her own life. I look forward to working once again with Lisa.”
Ifty Bashir

Meet Mickey Azar

My passion is assisting others find the healing power of their Divinity. Over the past two decades, I enjoyed running my own healing practice and spent many years trying to heal myself and others, and find the original cause of pain and suffering. In 2019, I shut down my practice because I knew there was something more. I began embodying my soul and the Light that I am. I dropped out of my head and deep into my heart. I discovered I had to feel to heal myself and BE a lighthouse and an example for others to do the same. It gives me no greater joy than to walk others more fully into the Light of their Divinity. I will hold the Light as you face your darkness with courage. I speak from my heart with love, authenticity, and compassion. We are, after all, just walking each other home.





“Mickey is always incredible to work with. She’s kind, caring and really wants you to learn, grow and move up to your next level of healing. She is absolutely the best!!! I’ve been with her for years and I adore her.”


“It was the last day of December last year that Mickey and I have had a session together.
I was struggling with the English language, but there weren’t any words needed for what I desired: just embodying and anker more of me, my soul and my light. Feel how my soul feels like and embrace.
Mickey is such a gentle, lovely space holder, softly encouraging me to go on and allow more and more. I felt solid, huge, stable. A very nice feeling and a great experience.
Thank you dear Mickey.”

“Thank you so much for your love, support and SILENCE. The amount of time you held for me to just BE was huge. It stretched me for sure! This is such beautiful work and you guys are absolute ROCK STARS for supporting the rest of us on our journey.”

“Our session was spot on, full of complete understanding, love and healing. It was a gift to meet you.
Thank you so much!
I woke up this morning and felt completely in my body. I remember those few times when I was as this is so precious. I used to call that: now I am completely relaxed. This whole picture of us being not properly (if at all) in our bodies) makes so much sene! I have the idea of us having to live in an animal body and when we are in that body, animal rules apply. But I recently got, that our job is to bring our “god-soul” into that animal body and staying conscious.
Oh Mickey, it was so good to have you! Being understood is so precious!”


“Mickey always lifted me up to the next level. She is holding the door wide open for my light so i could step out of my darkness. I love her. I love the path we are walking with each other evolving and learning from each other. She is a true Angel. I love her so much. Hand in Hand we walk each other home. U were there when i needed your helping hand and holding me in intense moments with myself. Thank you so much.”

“Mickey is a great facilitator. She has this sharpness of recognizing truth and it helped me a lot to see where I’m still hanging in programs and where my power is hidden. With each session I was able to let more of my soul in. This process is a wonderful and sacred experience. I feel held in so much love. Thank you Mickey 💕 with love, Barbara”

Meet Jackie Hall

Jackie is a KerryK accredited facilitator and certified coach who has been with the Plasma Light Tribe and the Galactic Ground Crew since the very beginning. Her journey with Kerry has been a magical one, peeling off one layer after another of wounding, programming and beliefs to reveal ever more of the divinity that we all carry within us. Whatever it is you want to focus on, and no matter where you are on your journey, Jackie has infinite space to hold you in love as you encounter your very own divinity and embrace more of the magic of YOU!

Clients often say that they appreciate being able to speak their mother tongue in one on one sessions because it adds ease and depth to the experience. Jackie is happy to facilitate you in English, German, Dutch and French.





“After telling my story and where I am at this moment Jackie did a guided meditation. Everything I told and asked for and more came back in the meditation.
I am so grateful that via Jackie I remembered to connect with the earth. I saw the connection of the earth and I felt it. I also felt how I can make the connection from the sun, through my body and connect this energy to the earth.
These experiences at this level I never heard before (in this lifetime).

I experienced the energy of Jackie as loving, gentle, fluent.”


“Ich habe bereits das zweite mal eine intensive Session mit Jacky genießen können.
Durch das Gespräch und die Zeit mit Jacky bin ich mir intensiv selber begegnet gleichzeitig bekam ich eine Ahnung über mein zukünftiges Selbst. Es hat mich zu tiefst berührt.
Ich hab das Gefühl das mein Höheres Selbst , meine Familie, die organische Matrix in mir mehr Platz eingenommen hat. Ich bekam ein Gefühl dafür, was Kerry in Ihren Calls vermittelt.
Ich kann Jacky und ihre intensive Arbeit wärmstens empfehlen. Durch Ihre perfekte deutsche Sprache, ist es sehr leicht , ihrer Stimme zu folgen.”


“Die Session mit Jacky verlief in einer sehr vertrauten, hochschwingenden Energie und Stimmung. Schön auch, dass es sehr gut in meiner deutschen Muttersprache möglich war. Ich wurde mir stark bewusst, dass es viel mehr um das Sein geht, die Selbst-Liebe und die Anerkennung von allem, was ich schon haben darf. Das hat mir sehr viel mehr Frieden und Akzeptanz gebracht und auch ein Gefühl von “genau am richtigen Ort, in der richtigen Situation zu sein”. Das Gefühl hat sich auch nach der Sitzung gehalten, d.h. es hat sich etwas nachhaltig bei mir entwickelt. Ich kann die Sessions mit Jacky allen nur herzlichst empfehlen und bedanke mich für ihr Sein und ihr wertvolles Wirken. Herzlichst.”

“Jackie gave my power back! She taught me how to focus and feel where the energy moves. It is such a powerful tool and I have immense gratitude for her teaching. 💛🙏💛”



“I so much enjoyed the session with Jackie and I immediatly felt connected to her. The fact that we feel the same way- although I´m living on another continent- gave me the feeling of being not alone. During the session I had a deep moment of remembering. It was a golden key for me.
Lots of love and gratitude!”

“Die Session mit Jacky Hall war ein Geschenk, das ich mir selbst machte zu meinem Geburtstag. Und wahrhaftig,, Jacky schenkte mir durch ihre Liebe, Tiefe , Sanftheit und tragenden Energie in der Sitzung das Vertrauen in mein Fühlen und mich selbst zurück, das ich „dache“ verloren zu haben. Ich fühlte mich als Teil eines großen Ganzen, so weit, freudig und tief im Herzen berührt . Ich fühlte diesen „göttlichen Zauber“ in meiner Menschenseele: We walking each other home. DANKE für dein Geschenk ! In tiefer Liebe und Dankbarkeit für dich Jacky, Kerry und alle wundervollen Seelen, die bereit sind und es erlauben, Teil davon zu sein♥️”

Meet Lisa Acosta

Not that long ago, like many of us, I was busy living my life and happily playing many roles including business owner, wife, mother, friend and daughter to name a few. In 2020 I was jolted out of my dream like state, and everything changed. I knew things that I could never un-know, and I began to access parts of myself that I did not even know existed. I couldn’t go back to my old way of being and my life changed in many ways. I have spent the last few years in the joyous and relentless pursuit of ME.

I don’t profess to be anything other than a human being who has walked a path of remembrance that has led me to more connection, more compassion, more ease and more clarity than I ever knew was possible, and it is with great honor and humility that I intend to assist others to do the same.




Meet Anna McKee

I am Anna, a Kerry K accredited facilitator offering both SIT and SEA sessions. My background as a professional, parent, teacher, student, and seeker has led me on a developmental journey to Kerry’s teachings, and subsequently to a higher understanding in my connection to my True Self. I am an advocate for humanity and lovingly stand in my light as a powerful example while supporting others along the healing journey. In doing so, I recognize the strength and courage encountered on this path and approach sessions gracefully with a soft, compassionate, yet straight forward, communication style. Discover a deep, supportive, energetic connection to yourself with me as your facilitator. I look forward to connecting with you as we walk each other home.





“Thank you, Anna, for meeting me in such a sacred space, exactly where I was. I felt keenly heard, warmly supported, expertly guided, and deeply loved. I was richly blessed through our connection.”


“Today was such a beautiful session and I am honored to have the opportunity to do this work with you 🤗
What you write is what I got Anna: you led me to a higher understanding in my connection to my True Self.
Lovingly you stand in your light as a powerful example while supporting me along the healing journey. Never have I felt more me 🥰
You recognize my strength and courage gracefully. Soft, calm compassionate, yet straight forward you tell me: this is just the beginning 😅
I love the deep, supportive, most attentive energetic connection to my true Self with you as my facilitator.
I look forward to connecting with you again and again and again as we walk each other home ❤️”

“How fortunate I feel to have selected Anna as my facilitator! Connecting and working with her was like recognizing a long lost friend. She is kind and compassionate, and a natural leader in this work. Anna went above and beyond, listening to me and creating a sacred space for us to work and I feel more embodied and present in myself than ever before. Thank you again, Anna and I look forward to reconnecting and remaining in contact. Much love, Stephanie”

“I did my first SIT with Anna. It was beyond beautiful. Anna hold the space for me with so much huge, warm energy and I felt embraced by her divinity, deeply loved and understood. Her wisdom helped me seeing my life from a higher perspective and when we called my soul in I felt it through my whole body. Seeing and feeling my divinity was a blissful experience and the beginning of a wonderful journey coming closer to me and who I am.
Lots of love, Barbara”

Meet Chrisann Dalton

Chrisann flew into the Plasma Light Tribe back in July of 2021. Little did this sunbeam know that her journey would be one of reclaiming her power. After a lifetime of running and hiding, we finally witnessed Chrisann come home into the body and reclaim the power of her shine.

Today, Chrisann holds a warm and powerful space for her clients. Her ability to be vulnerably authentic, deeply feel her pain, and embody her light in the face of darkness will challenge you to do the same. She enthusiastically awaits to support you on your journey home to your true self. Because she knows it is in you facing your darkness that together you can behold the power and beauty of your sunrise.

IG: WalkingWithSunbeams





“I am a fairly new member to the Plasma Light Tribe. I didnt know what a Soul Energy Alignment was and after scrolling through each GGC members bio, I found Chrisann. Just reading her bio and seeing her picture, I resonated with her. I cannot describe in words, but it was a heartwarming feeling, like family. She has such a beautiful spirit and not knowing what to expect, it has been on point and an amazing experience! Chrisann is being the ground worker holding the line in order for me to relinquish my programming. It’s funny, you think you have an idea of what you want to talk about in the session and it always goes another way, a better way, than what you anticipate. Chrisann has helped me so much and believes in my abilities and allows me to be me. She brings in the love and support needed to find what is best for me in that session. I am so grateful to have found her and the Plasma Light Tribe. What an amazing experience!!!”


“Hello my name is Abril and I had my first session with Chrisann about 3 days ago and… I’m ok now 🙂 Which is no little thing to where I was before, if you had seen me, I was ready to give up again in things that were doing good to me and ready to hate me and blame me for everything that wasn’t the way I thought I wanted them to be… So as you can see, I was very, very confused and getting lost again. Chrisann literally took me by the hand, even in the worst storm, and guided me back to my soul, which is what Soul Integration Therapy stands for, althought I didn’t really know what it was before, now I can say it and know exactly what steps to take to access my soul or let her in anytime and this… is worth about 8 years of confusion and frustration of search, so it’s priceless. Thankyou and hope you do it!”


Meet Annette Lusardi

Are you desiring a shift in your reality? It takes courage to meet yourself at a level where transformational change can happen. As a Kerry K accredited facilitator, I am willing to take you deeper into yourself not only to discover the magnificence that lies within, but to also provide the opportunity for healing to take place.

My journey has challenged me to become comfortable in the discomfort of the unknown. Kerry’s teachings and training have provided me the tools to navigate “the unknown” and go deeper into myself than ever before. It is working at this depth that healing of core wounds, is possible.

During my session, I offer a safe, loving space where it is possible to clear lifetimes of density. As a shift occurs within, it is reflected in your outer reality. Whether you are looking for immediate and quick support through a SEA session, or an in depth one-on-one SIT session, I am happy and honored to support you on your journey.