My husband is totally devoted to me, and a lot of people say that I’m lucky. It’s not luck.

I’m just as devoted to him; we’ve always been this way with each other except our devotion has grown over the years and for that reason I keep being stunned at how much deeper our love grows and heals us and all who come into contact with us.

He has the kindest eyes, the sharpest wit, the most wisdom, compassion and insight in any human being I’ve ever known. He is my angel and I’ve often shared that it’s because of this divine man that I am able to do the work that I do.

Sweet devotion.

Here’s why it’s not luck though (read below)










After a string of very failed relationships … please note my use of the words “very failed” … as in, these were no mere flops, these were pro-events, expert-of-the-highest-magnitude type of flops. I decided that the thing that was wrong in my relationships was simple, and it turns out I was 100% right.

The thing that was wrong was me … take a breath and read on …

…it was me not being devoted to myself but expecting someone else to be
… it was me expecting someone else to meet me where I had not yet met myself

So, I decided to stop trying to heal through an external loving relationship and see what an internal loving relationship could do. I knew it was going to take devotion and that I’d be tempted to throw the towel in and opt for the instant gratification of an external love, but I’d been through enough hurt to understand that love could not stay until I learned to stay in love and face myself. Once I figured that out, I was free to just be with me and I did that fully.

I started feeling really happy in my devotion, even though it took massive commitment and dedication, it led me to the healing I had craved. Today, I teach people how to walk that journey of devotion with themselves and it’s because I walked my journey that I can walk them through theirs.


Something that held me back:

I was afraid that in becoming the one to meet my needs and being devoted to me, that I would never find someone else to do it. I imagined that I’d be losing out on the fairy tale of having prince charming be the one to heal the wounds. Now that I say that out loud it sounds as silly as it is. I want to shake that version of me and say hey Kerry wake-up! You’re not going to miss out on someone else being devoted to you, you’re going to amplify your devotion by allowing someone to meet you where you currently reside. And if you reside in self-honouring, self-love, self-contentment, self-sourcing, self-devotion then you’re making room for someone to meet you there and actually make that healing bigger … you see sweet Kerry, your healing takes nothing away from you ever, it only adds to you.





thanks for your patience and allowing me to gush about my love but I wanted to use at as the foundation to ask you this question:

Are you devoted to your healing? Are you devoted to you?

Because I’ll tell you what I’ve seen in my practice as a spiritual teacher. I created the Plasma Light Tribe in order to offer a sacred space to humanity where they could evolve. And many people step a foot in the door and then … they walk right out.

And when they do, they’re walking out on themselves. I could cry when I see it happen and I know that I can’t shake them by the shoulders and beg them not abandon themselves, because I cannot interfere with their free will. So, I’m leaving this with you here and now … for when you need it.


Don’t walk out on yourself.

*Get devoted to you and being the highest version of you which means facing the lowest versions and releasing them.
*Get devoted to how you want to be loved and start meeting your needs so that you create the imprint for others to step into.
*Get devoted to being there for you, knowing that you create more room for others to authentically be there for you when you set the precedent.
*Get devoted to connecting with you even when it’s uncomfortable, so that no one ever picks up on the unresolved healing of your life and reflects back to you how you keep walking out on yourself.


It’s the one thing I asked Bryant when I first said yes to our relationship over 12 years ago. I said to him please don’t leave me and he replied, I am right here. I know that it was a silly thing but only a girl whose heart has been torn in pieces would ever be insecure enough to say to someone please stay, but I was showing him my sore spot because I’d experienced a father leaving me when I was very little and all I wanted was a love that stayed. I knew that to honour our pact that we made to each other in that moment, that I needed to stay with me and never run away from me like those before me had done. I stayed with me. I am so proud of both of us … and of you … for deciding to stay the course.




Spiritual work is often difficult, confrontational, and uncomfortable.
So what?


Don’t put a foot in the door and walk out, step on in and claim the prize – that’s you.
Face the darkness! If spiritual work wasn’t confrontational, difficult and uncomfortable then I’d say you’re doing it wrong!

You (the healed and whole version) are the grand prize you get at the end of it all and it’s a prize you truly don’t want to miss out on.



From my heart to yours