Disclosure is not what you think it is

Disclosure is not what you think it is

Disclosure never ends. It is not a truth that you learn, get to the bottom of and are done with. Ever.
You are an eternally unfolding truth, expanding into the awareness of who you are with each breathe, becoming more of your essence.

Disclosure starts out as that moment that you begin to see what was previously hidden, it takes a certain courage to peak behind the curtains of social niceties where we have painted quaint pictures of suburban bliss and scattered them on our walls like dream boards of a happy future. It is the unpleasant truths such as the notion that we are a controlled species, our history has been withheld from us, our past governments are not who they presented themselves as, and the list goes on. That takes real cajones to face, because when we do, we break through something in our mind which appears to challenge the flimsy fabric upon which our sanity rests. Up until recently, few were willing to break through that point of no return in their minds because when they do, they break out of a known space into an unknown space which does not seem safe, exciting, or enticing. Many people throw stubborn anchors into the unquestionable ideal that they are not living a lie, and everything is exactly what they think it is. Oh the pain, the very real, undeniable pain of awakening to a life that is nothing like the one you thought it to be.

This is what disclosure is; the process of revealing that which was unconscious and making it conscious. So here we are, instead of turning away from dark corners we thought best to leave undisturbed, we shone a light. And when we did, we discovered that shadows become light when we dare to illuminate them. No more hiding, we are bringing secrets to sight and dark to light.

Here is the real magic in disclosure. It’s not outside of you even if it starts out that way. Many people began to notice truth as cracks appear in their external world that force them to question things like whether or not this is all really about a virus, and if it could be true that sinister forces are playing humanity for fools. That is the external awakening. Next comes the internal awakening although to be fair it was the internal awakening that triggered this, it was just not perceptible by most. But once perception begins to make visible what was once invisible the inner disclosure takes on a whole new dimension, pun intended. You are disclosure and you are the very thing driving it, the more you seek inside of you, the more it reflects in the external mirror. The inner world is the place where you are truly free, always sovereign, only ever abundant, eternally at one with Source.

Inner disclosure is an ongoing process of revelation; learning to see the divine that was previously untapped, expanding that each day to degree’s we never thought possible. You see, some people mistakenly accessed peace in a meditation and thought that was all they got, that it never got deeper or bigger or more. Oh! but it does! Humanity hold on to your proverbial hat because you have been denied knowing just how advanced your body mechanism is, how wise you are, how divinely connected to all life you are. This is the ride of a lifetime and I want to tell you that you want to see what comes next because the delight is going to send undulating ripples through you for all eternity. I’ll meet you there.

Kerry K
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