Global Energy Updates Jul/Aug 2018


Global Energy Updates Jul/Aug 2018

This is a very busy time energetically, buckle up for a very interesting ride:

There is a massive wave of energy hitting us at the moment and it has a lot of people confused, we’re in the midst of an intense flood of energy streaming in from the cosmic field surrounding our planet; a culmination of being in the cosmic ray maximum as well as some pretty intense eclipse energy and of course the massive lions gate portal which is in alignment on the 8th of August.  It doesn’t stop there though, expect the remainder of 2018 to be sporadic in varying energy frequencies, each one presenting an opportunity for us to experience a new wave of being.

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Imaginary view of planet Earth into deep space, focused on Asia and Australia. Elements of this image furnished by NASA


So what is the current one about?

You’ve probably felt it already; for a little over 2 weeks now people have been feeling what they describe as being lethargic, uninterested, unmotivated, battling to get things done and not being able to focus despite wanting to and trying to.

This is no failing on behalf of humanity but rather the effect of the current energy field that we are being met with.  It is centering us in the present.  Not somewhere we are used to being.  Most often we are working towards a goal or a long term project, a pay cheque, passing an exam, getting a promotion, an so forth.  With this new wave of energy flooding our consciousness we are far from lazy, absolutely not lacking in discipline and focues, but rather being taught new skills for living in a higher frequency environment.

This is what is feels like to awaken.  Enjoy the ride and do what the Universe is supporting us in doing.  Be present.  Don’t worry about the usual detail because it is all becoming increasingly unimportant to us.  Quite rightly so.  This is what we asked for.  Ascension is happening and we are in preparation for it.

This will entail refocusing on what is truly important and detaching from external distractions.  I’ve had people ask me if this means that they should leave their job or whatever has been anchoring them in the future and preventing them from being in the now.  No of course not, the time is not right yet, but we are being prepared none-the-less for living in a different reality.  It’s all on purpose, it’s all ok and you are where you are meant to be.

In love
In Oneness
Kerry K


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