Hologram under (re)construction

I am busy planning part of the course that I am currently running, when I do this of course mega downloads happen and I’ve just had one that I can’t share fully right now, but suffice to say it made me stop and type this message to let you know what an immense privilege it is to be alive now.

Hologram under (re)construction

What is going on in our reality during this time of lockdown and look-within, is purely miraculous and we are the witnesses and co-creators to an unfolding miracle.

Did you know that our skies are full with blazing light from the presence of our beloved cosmic family, they are here with us every single step of the way. There is no proof of this externally, but there is internally for those who know how to connect to their inner world. And I suspect that that’s you, the one reading this. You know how to do this, you were born for it! We came here on a mission to transform the hologram and we are doing it by exiting our individual matrices and going outside of space-time and into original source blueprints (also known as first light). We do this quite naturally by entering stillness, even if you simply calm your breathing and take a moment to be in presence you will feel this now-palpable stillness. Every time you do this you exit the old matrix and immerse yourself in pure consciousness, that lies outside of the containment area we call planet earth. Some of you become very hard on yourselves when you don’t manage to hold that peace within you. You may become triggered or destabilize in the presence of fear and lose your connection to the perfect presence of first light that you were bathing in. But this is sheer perfection!! Every time you re-enter the old-time-encoded-matrix you bring that light from source with you, into the matrix. Do you see the perfect design? You leave the matrix, you enter source consciousness, you leave source consciousness, you enter the matrix and you have thus been gradually introducing source light into the old matrix and being a part of the ripple that is rapidly becoming a wave of irrepressible transformation.

So imagine with me, the many millions of light workers who are your extended family, each one contributing a moment of consciousness here and a few minutes there until we gained enough momentum to truly begin to transform the matrix.

What a divine plan! Our distancing from media is all part of this, because media knew that by showing us images and calling them reality, we as the creators would make that so and call into creation all they were showing us. Our distancing from the external world during lockdown, is only about the best thing that could happen to us right now. It is also a clear example of how so called negative intentions boomerang and unexpectedly produce positive outcomes. We have far fewer distractions, far more time to be present, far more awareness and far more soul family to share this time with. Social distancing my left elbow! We are gathering now, as one and I look at you all in such awe and love, we always knew we would find each other didn’t we?

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