Implications of the fall of the False Matrix

There is a massive implication that comes with the ending of the false matrix.

That is that everything inside of you that was once wired to perceive things in the inverse reality, no longer work how they used to. For some, the energetic wiring still exists but there’s nothing to plug into. For others there is some confusion around who they are now and what they’re meant to be doing. Hang on, your new coding is coming on line, support yourself by being in stillness or reaching out to someone who can support you in stillness, that is where the recoding occurs.

To those who feel like they’re losing their mind, it’s ok, you’re not really, you’re just losing the old connections to a reality that was inverted (insane) and made no sense to begin with.

Your world has been flipped the right way up (energetically) so enjoy the new found alignments that this brings, and release the old wiring that has nowhere left to fit. That’s a celebration. You are no longer plugged into a reality that drains you, that depletes you, that ages you, that makes no sense, that enslaves you. whew!

Many don’t recognize that this has even occurred.

There are still those who see the external chaos, and assume that it is an accurate reflection of where society is. It is not. That’s what it looks like when an old reality crumbles. Kind of wild!

You are now the birthplace of your new earth, you are the place in which the initiation of new light occurs, behold, you are what you never imagined, you are the universe birthing itself.

If I were to “bring this home” to the human I would say that you are about to enter a new reality, one of your choosing, so align yourself to your deepest peace, your most flowing harmony, your most present presence and be all that, because in so doing you are literally changing the world.

Take a moment to thank the ones who are called to be present in the crumbling chaos, the front line witnesses so to speak.

You occupy a different space and are called to a different task, you are the peace that emerges after a storm has passed.

As the old completes its crumbling process, you are the sacred vessel through which new life is brought to being. Be the peace that you are, be all you were born to be. Your time is now.

with love
from my heart to yours
Kerry K