Know who you are

Know who you are

The most destructive thing you could ever do, is believe the opinions that others that have about you.

Good or bad.

By being centred in yourself, connected to higher intelligence, that which we call  your multi-dimensional consciousness, you will KNOW who YOU are without shaping your opinions of yourself on the beliefs of others.

This way, you can learn to be very impersonal with the opinions of others and when they love you, it won’t make you dependent on their validation.  And when they hate you, it won’t mean anything other than their own distortions being projected outwards.

THIS is what it means to not take things personally.  

Base yourself in the seat of the neutral observer, neither rocked nor swayed by what transpires around you … then you shall know what freedom is and THEN you will be YOU.  Fully.  Unapologetically.  Completely.