Galactic Ground Crew

The Galactic Ground Crew is a group of people sanctioned by the Galactics to be an example of an ascending human, they have been members of the Plasma Light Tribe for at least 6 to 12 months and are here by invitation only. Please email Kerry for a list of requirements should you be interested in being considered for joining the Ground Crew. The GGC are here in service to personal and planetary ascension, to fulfil their purpose, to work more directly with the Galactics, to step into embodiment at a deeper level and to do the necessary work that will enable them to step into the highest example of an ascending human they can be.


Galactic Earth Star Council

The GESC is open to members of the Galactic Ground Crew, by invitation only. The Galactic-Earth-Star-Council is a liaison group who interacts directly with the Galactic Federation.