The Plasma Light Tribe

Nowadays there is no shortage of spiritual teachings, but instead of leading you to one unified truth, they seem to lead to confusion.


• who do you listen to and
• how do you know who’s right
• what if you’ve ignored the very teachings that will ascend you
• and instead, focused on the ones keeping you blissfully stuck


The truth is that 5D (higher consciousness) is literally in the air around you, and within you, yet most people can’t access it because they’re stuck in a false paradigm. Spirituality and religion are for those seeking God, but both have been infiltrated by misteaching’s and misgivings designed to prevent people from attaining true enlightenment and to keep them circling in a narrow bandwidth of frequencies that they cannot transcend. Often times people have supreme spiritual experiences without knowing that there is a ceiling on their experience and a whole world behind that “ceiling” that they cannot explore.

The solution

The solution is simple but not easy. Instead of listening to the teachings of others, listen to your own higher wisdom, it’s a direct pathway to God.

The difficulties are:

1) Learning to tell the difference between ego and the soul. Most people never wade beyond the mire of the ego and get ensnared in its ramblings, convinced that they’re hearing the voice of God.

2) Learning to grow through pain and suffering but not get stuck in it. The path of spirituality is about discharging pain and suffering, and while you’re at it asking yourself “how good can this actually get”.

3) Learning to access higher frequency states of being, which are so different to what conventional teachings teach us. Higher frequency states exist beyond words and audible sound and are states of pure consciousness, also known as pre-consciousness. This is when you’re at one with the heart-mind of God. To access these states takes training and practice.

• Training to break through the ceiling of the false matrix, even if it only exists in your mind. This involves guided journeys that take you beyond limitation and into your highest consciousness.
• Training by immersion into the living presence of higher frequency. This involves energetic techniques that I use to bring you into resonance with your higher light body.

Kerry K

Ascension and your plasma light body

Ascension occurs when the sun emits a great luminous flash that covers everything in light, science knows this as a micronova. It will happen in our lifetime. To meet the suns luminescence your body must emit a plasma field around it. The plasma field encapsulates you in a sanctuary space whilst physical metamorphosis takes place.

But you’re reading this, because you don’t want to wait for that moment to experience the waves of universal consciousness that your soul is connected to, to wash through you and transform you into the light of your true self.

You’re reading this because you’re ready now. Ready to unravel the illusion and live your highest truth on planet earth. Ready to be the ripple that collapses the false matrix from within, which the mission we signed up for.

What you get as a member


✺  Invitations to weekly live calls

✺  24/7 access to the zero point zone (energetically charged sacred space)

✺  Full library of all past calls

✺  A meditation library with dozens of free titles

✺  Exclusive discounts and special offers

✺  Lounge calls to meet other members

✺  Receive information before everyone else and in richer detail



The Plasma Light Tribe…

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$33.00 per month

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The Plasma Light Tribe is right for you if…

✅   You’re ready to take personal responsibility, even if you don’t know how, you know that this an important step in your personal awakening journey

✅   You want to know what it feels like to deeply connect with or embody your higher self

✅   You want to learn to trust your inner voice

✅   You’re ready to deepen your spiritual journey

✅   You’re ready to bust through the places you feel stuck and go beyond where you’ve ever been before

✅   You’re willing to see how good your life can get

✅   You’re wanting to move into deeper levels of authenticity, and you don’t mind being challenged to do so

✅   You consider yourself a spiritual warrior but you may need to learn to lay down the sword and engage with inner peace

✅   You’re finally learning that you can’t fight against the bad in the world, but you can be the change and you’re wanting to be that

✅   You want to be the ripple for your family and humanity

The Plasma Light Tribe is not right for you if…

❎   You need to blame someone or something for the state of your life or the world and you’re not willing to relinquish that blame

❎   You do not like feeling uncomfortable or being challenged

❎   You have to have all your questions answered

❎    Humble and authentic states of being are not enticing for you

❎   You want to teach but not learn

❎   You want others to agree with you or you want to agree with others, 100% of the time

❎   You know you’re spiritual bypassing and you prefer it

❎   You want to analyze everything including why you feel the way you do and what it means

❎   You like to maintain control, so what if it’s only an illusion, it keeps you safe and happy

❎   You’d rather have someone else tell you what to do rather than take the time to tune into your inner wisdom, that seems like a lot of work

What the members say

“That was amazing (call #165). I want you to know that you have a magnificent ability to draw us into this meditative state. It is your energy, your words, the very tones of your voice. Your connection to yourself, to source,to the universe — I feel the holding so viscerally. I wanted to share my experience but knowing that your time is limited, the most important piece is this: I am so very grateful for you. You really do trigger me at times (yes, that is so true!) but you also repeatedly lead me to my highest truths and deepest connections. No small thing! Thank you, thank you. And even though we have never met in physical space, I feel seen by you. How can I not love that? And miraculously, I am not idolizing you, as has been a pattern in my life. Thank you.”



“I joined the PLT last year in March, with a lets see where this leads attitude and thinking I can leave at anytime. My first call was 118, which was a healing chamber and oh, it was so beautiful. Well I wanted to know more. I had so many questions however I knew the replays of the live calls would hold the answers and yes they did. If I haven’t found an answer yet, someone on a Q&A call will ask the question that I seeking an answer to. I can truly say it had been a life changing experience of mega proportions. I am grateful every day that I came across you on Instagram and took that leap of faith.

As a result of me doing the inner work, healing is happening in my house as I hold more light…

With deep gratitude I thank you from my heart. You are truly a blessing.”


“Being a part of the Plasma Light Tribe these past 2 years has been so life changing – it’s hard for me to put it into words but you have made such a difference to my life and this has rippled into my family’s life too. There have been so many exquisite moments of pure joy in our calls together where I find myself truly connecting to my own divinity, where I’ve been able to face myself honestly and let go of the stories, to see and experience my own potential and just allow myself to be. I couldn’t have done it without your teachings and guidance. I acknowledge your generosity everyday. And I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.
Much love to you”

“Thank you for providing the missing puzzle piece to an otherwise incomplete spiritual life. Since joining the PLT recently, I’ve binged on the rich, delicious content, often spending 12+ hours/day listening to what I can only describe as basic sustenance previously sorely missing from my life. Although ostensibly a seasoned veteran of spiritual development, I searched in vain to fill an ill-defined void, a constant hunger that information alone could not touch.

Although your content IS utterly astounding and life-changing, it’s the resonant frequencies carried in your voice that open up buried parts of me desperate to find the light. I think I could ascend simply listening to you recite the alphabet. Groomed to be an educated, analytical intellectual firmly entrenched in the left brain, I’m finally starting to feel the feelings that have eluded me for so long. Incomprehensively ineffable.”

“Before I met you I didn’t understand that the way to ascension is through connection to our authentic self. I mistakenly thought the answers were out there somewhere. I didn’t even know to look inside.

Thank you for the value you provide to Tribe members. The search feature for the PLT calls is super useful. From it I learned about the nature of addictions and how to clear entities. The urge for an addiction that I
struggled with most of my life is now gone. I didn’t know it could be so quick and easy. The “how to” methods you teach flat out work.”

More and more it dawns on me “I am not alone”!
What a beautiful experience of healing from old pain!!!
Thank you a thousand times, Kerry, for giving me the opportunity to do this work. Thanks for your “holding”.

Frequently Asked Questions


Discord. You can join from the Members Area by clicking on the option to join our online chat group. You only need to do this once. Discord will automatically set you up with a user name and password, please do make note of it so that you can log in again. You can download the discord app to any device you have, however it is not supported on Safari so please use another browser for access.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that in our private chat group you are required to use the name and surname that you registered with when you join the Light Tribe. This way we can ensure that only members are able to participate in the chat.

What if I want to pay with a means other than PayPal?

My website only accepts payment via PayPal, if you would prefer another payment option then you can join using Patreon who will accept payment via visa and mastercard as well. Regardless of whether you join via Patreon or directly on my website, your membership grants you exactly the same benefits. Join via Patreon HERE

How does the Zero Point Zone Work

The Zero Point Zone is a very sacred space and also hosted on Discord (as is our everyday chat group). It is encoded with 15D frequency and set to always recalibrate itself to 15D. This means that no matter what you might be feeling, high or low, up or down, you may enter the ZPZ and know that you are not capable of “spilling” negative energy into the sacred space. It is a pure space and there is nothing like it. To use it, you simply click on the Zero Point Zone in Discord and close your eyes, sit in stillness or meditate. The energy is calming, and neutral and will support you in relieving anxiety and calming the nervous system and allowing you to access deeper level of wisdom and your higher consciousness.

Special Note: Don’t seek or ask questions, try to just “be” in that space. Please note that since this is a sacred space no text is allowed in the ZPZ so please leave only an emoji to represent your presence there.

Will I be expected to be at the live calls?
Absolutely not, the live calls are there for you only when your time allows you to join them. Some people will never miss a call and others will attend once every 6 months. This is why every call is recorded and available to you to watch at your leisure in the Live Call Library.
What platform do you use for the live calls?

Zoom. If you have never used zoom before you are welcome to go to youtube and watch any number of demo video’s that will give you a beginners guide on how to use zoom. The platform is however very user friendly and requires no skills.

Where do I find the link to the live calls?
In the Members Area of my website.
Will I be on camera?

No, only the speaker is on camera. However if you ask a question that gets answered or if you request a soul reading, then you will be required to turn your camera on and be on screen. Please note that everything is recorded and available publicly.

What else do I need to know about the live calls?

One hour before each friday live call, there is a separate group call for the light tribe to enjoy a general chat, on camera. This is to get to know each other and is not facilitated. Only attend if you’d like to meet other members of the tribe. I do not attend the pre call chat and will only be there at our designated time.
Find the link to the pre-call chat in the members area

A beautiful thing always happens in our live calls:

Because of the sanctity of our space, you land up hearing exact words that you needed to. Questions you have been holding will be answered without asking and messages you didn’t know you needed, will be delivered. Sometimes, attending a live call gives you more than you could ask for. Replays are always powerful, but a live call will give you a little extra.

Where do I find the library content

In the Members Area of my website in the “Quick Links” menu

What if I want to cancel my membership?
Your membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel it, you are free to cancel at anytime, no refunds will be given for any unused portion of membership fees paid.