Plasma Light Body Correction – An important energy update and healing for all

Plasma Light Body Correction – An Important Energy Update And Healing For All

I first shared this information on Thursday the 22nd of July at 1am. I was in a meeting with the Galactics which often happen in dream state. I was awoken immediately after receiving this important information, to share it with my Patreon Plasma Light Tribe so that before I shared it with everyone else, it could be embodied by a small group who would establish this Plasma Light Body Correction in their body consciousness, making it easier for others to align to the same.


I remember sitting down to write this blog, kind of blurry-eyed yet highly energised to the point that I could feel currents of plasma light frequency bouncing off my words. I then became aware that the Galactics had given me light encoded information and it was being transmitted through my worlds. As you read these words now, it is no different to those who held the first embodiment, you will also have full access to the energised, potentized, healing frequency that they convey.


If possible, as you read, allow yourself to have no distractions looming, give yourself just these few minutes to fully absorb the energetic transmission contained in these words. As you read on, the words will begin to translate to a living plasma energy field accessible to your plasma light body, and in turn to your etheric and physical bodies. Sometimes there is a delay in this information reaching the physical body, although for some it will be immediate, sometimes the information comes in waves that land up being reinforced and expanded upon over the coming minutes, hours and days.


The plasma light body healing that is being introduced to you through connecting with these words, is a self-correcting energy field, to understand what this means and its impact on you, take a purposeful breath, steady yourself, and read on:


You are now interacting with a plasma-light-field containing some of the original light codes of creation. Something your body has been deprived of for many, many lifetimes. It is like a living download, a direct conversation between you and Creator-Source-Consciousness. This highly accessible plasma field is a self-correcting-template made available to you for your highest and most divine healing, at whatever levels you may need it.


energy update



What is my Plasma Light Body and why is it important?


Plasma, as a substance, is both physical and non-physical/energetic. Every few milliseconds, you phase into and out of form, your body oscillates between the atomic and sub-atomic at a non-perceptible speed. Materializing and dematerializing, from matter to consciousness, in a seemingly never evening dance of spirit and form. This oscillation is maintained on a plasma circuitry, therefore embedded in both the atomic and sub-atomic forms.


Plasma is formed in the electro-magnetic fields of creation. It is the substance of creation, it is Consciousness, in form, and pre-form. Plasma, therefore, is creation in its bare state, think of it as the resultant arc of light from electro-magnetic interplay; imagine cosmic lightening and there you have it, you’re seeing plasma.


You are a plasma light being, and like all plasma, you exist as both solid and non-solid, the particle and the wave. This means that all your potentials, exist as pockets of light encoded information embedded into your plasma body. You draw on and access from this field every time you step into creation. Creation, however, is really not the right word because creation implies that you are building or making something out of nothing. Since all potentials already exist in the plasma field, you are simply learning to draw to you, whatever is in your highest alignment, and magnetising it to you.


Plasma Light Body Correction



Why don’t I normally attract my most optimal creations then?


That’s the million-dollar question and where this starts getting really interesting. Buckle up!


Self-replicating distortions


Distortions in your physical body such as pain, illness, aging and injury; as well as distortions in your emotional body such as hurt, programmed patterns, negative, limiting beliefs, all exist in your plasma body too. However, when the plasma body is aligned, those alignments will automatically express themselves into the physical and emotional bodies.


Our individual plasma body holds numerous distortions in order to match the distorted plasma body of earth. This pairing is essential to sustaining life, it is the necessary matching of co-resonant frequencies and is how life on all planets throughout the Cosmos operates.


Earth’s plasma body was captured and held in a highly unnatural state for millions of years. This number is hard to quantify due to numerous timeline distortions. Suffice to say, it’s been a very long time. In this time, Earth’s chakras, and meridians (lay lines) were programmed at the plasma level to distort and hold anti-life codes. Our physical bodies, to be hosted here, had to correspond to these distortions. Many starseeds were captured in earth’s capture and locked into repeating cycles of accumulating karmic patterns of grief and despair.


This is exactly why, we land up “naturally” co-creating distortions in our reality rather than harmonious outcomes. We are in a sense, programmed, bound, and destined to follow the trajectory of earths distorted energy field and self-replicate the very distortions we have come here to amend. Many of us saw the distortions in earths plasma body and came in as support crew to initiate the return of natural, divine order.


Plasma Light Body



What does the capturing of earths plasma field mean?


When earths plasma light body was captured and placed in an unnatural tilt that it could not correct, it resulted in something called a rotational stagnancy, which is counter to the dynamic flow of rotation all planets throughout the cosmos experience. Rotational stagnancy means that although the earth rotates, the flow of energy does not, it is locked into position and therefore becomes stagnant and repetitive and ultimately self-defeating, self-sabotaging and exhausting. One of the reasons why we keep repeating patterns. The self-replicating nature of this distortion locked us, along with the planet, into unnatural karmic spirals, set about to prevent us from ever reaching our higher nature and transmuting the distortion.


Why so much effort?


If earth was locked into this unnatural alignment, and humans would automatically follow suit, why was so much effort put into maintaining the humans and preventing them from becoming aware of who they really are?


As you may well know, so much effort was spent on keeping humanity distracted and programmed to believe in their futility, meaninglessness, and powerlessness precisely because the dark ones knew that humans had DNA from God-Creator-Beings and if they were to use their potential, they would instantly amend the distorted plasma field and destroy the entire anti-life system of reversals that they had worked so hard to establish. Because as much as humans must correspond to their host planet, their host planet also has the ability to correspond to them.


For the humans to correct their plasma field distortions required only one thing, the connection to their presence as Christed (Krystic) Beings of God-Consciousness. Everything was done to prevent this because when the humans began to rise above the programming, it would create a ripple effect and flow into the collective, liberating them as well as the planet.


But couldn’t earth have gotten herself out of the plasma field distortion, isn’t she powerful enough?


Yes, she is more than powerful enough and yes, she could have done this. But if she did, it could have had devastating consequences for the existing earth humans who would have been catapulted into awakening far earlier than they were ready for. It also could have resulted in her implosion (not necessarily a bad thing for an eternal being) and an annihilation of the human collective. There was always the opportunity we are currently in, whereby we would wait for an ascension cycle, where cosmic influence would naturally amend the plasma field distortions and wherein the plasma light body could regenerate. Whilst we can say that “we did this”, we became aware of our higher alignment and this changed the earths plasma distortion, it would be more true to say that this was a team effort, with many humans in full and active participation along with the Galactics silently working behind the scenes.


Earth breathed a sigh of relief


On the day that I became aware of all of this, it was in a meeting with the Galactics and quickly realised that a once self-replicating distortion was rapidly become a self-replicating correction, I could feel our planetary body take a sigh of relief. I still feel that sigh of relief from her rippling through my body.


Another important point regarding this Plasma Field Correction:


When earths plasma light body was released back to her natural flow, so was yours. This means you are no longer held on earth, unable to escape, but rather, you are free to be here or not and when you are done with this life, you are finally free to leave or stay. The choice just became yours.


Light Body Correction


The role of the Galactics


The Galactics are working with us as guardians of our ascension, ensuring that we are granted a fair opportunity for organic ascension as a planet and as individuals. We have a tremendous role in this, and we are asserting ourselves in that role. Whether we know it or not, we are accelerating consciousness through our active participation in our healing. Earths grids are being repaired, her plasma body has undergone rapid and monumental healing. This in turn, sets the collective human body form free from bondage and suffering.


Focus again on the words you are reading, they are an anchor light, guiding you to access waves of energy that are being gifted to our morphogenic (collective) field, liberating the once-distortions of our plasma field.


Plasma is highly programmable, and once entrained to a distortion will perpetually maintain it until purposefully redirected.


These words are your purposeful redirect, making you aware that a self-correcting cosmic light of the highest divine order, is permeating your plasma light body, realigning you with the cosmic blueprint of creation. Realignment with Christ (Krystic) Consciousness and your natural blueprint.


Returning you to your home state. A natural state of grace within creation, aligned to perpetual life, abundance, and healing.


The Universe is giving you a gift today, read those words again and feel yourself silently saying “yes” to that gift, consciously participating in your liberation from plasma light body distortion and experiencing the self-correcting nature of the universe as Earth and her inhabitants align to their rightful energy grids.


How to best harness the healing effects of the plasma field correction?


I am launching a 21 day Conscious Breath Initiative, it will start during the week of the 26th of July, it will be free and you’ll find it on my youtube channel. Beyond doing this 21 day challenge with me, to align you to stillness, presence and the power of your breath, I recommend going over the Stability Trilogy Series to prepare you to receive and harness the power of this upgrade. It is already infused into the Stability Series and those who had done it both before and after the Plasma Field Correction have noted how much stronger the energy flow is now.


You can purchase the Stability Trilogy HERE. Currently, the Stability Series can be purchased as a trilogy where you pay for 2 and receive the third for free.




My Plasma Patreon Light Tribe is exactly where you need to be if this information is appealing to you and resonant for you, we meet every week for a live call, and you gain instant access to an entire library of content (including the Stability Series).

With love
And Celebration