Plasma Light Tribe Call #40

Q & A
August 6, 2021


• Energies of August. Letting go of Rigidity.
• Discussion about Galactic Ground Crew
• Discussing plasma call “manners”

Q &A:

• Are the Galactics connecting with tribe members directly?

• I listened to the energy update, you said not to analyze the stuff that comes through but let go and reach higher. Can you elaborate?

• I keep getting messages about focusing. I find it harder than ever to focus outside of meditation.

• I keep seeing a flashing light in the sky. What is it?! A discussion about the sightings of aircraft and fairies.

• I hope that the voices I have been listening to are of my soul or the Galactics. A discussion about discernment.

• If you are not in the Plasma Group are you not connected to the Galactics anymore?

• Is there anything to say about which country will move first toward the new world we are heading toward?

• Is transparency the same as living your truth? A discussion about families and living your truth despite the fallout.

• Could it be that I and some of us are catalysts for others? I notice that when I am in other’s presence something blows up and I am getting blamed for it!

• It’s been years since I have recalled the past, but recently I have been experiencing “movie reels” of a situation in the past, replaying the same event with different outcomes etc.. Is this a timeline collapsing or something?

• A discussion about faith being challenged.