Plasma Light Tribe Call #48

Q & A – Plus Entity Clearing

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– Divine Synchronicity

• Q: Where does it come from when I think/imagine horrible things? Are these programs trying to thwart my connections?
– Are we the originator of all our own thoughts?
– What is the nature of an entity?
– Updates to the Reptilian Brain

• Q: Are these dark entities leaving the planet?
– How interwoven are our identities?
– What is the effect of the vibrational frequency of the planet having on entities?

• Q: Could the intrusive thoughts be from past lives?
– When do entities come in?
-Who lands up with these Ancestral programs?

• Q: How do you know if you have an entity?
– A quick test
– Are all entities dark or evil?
– How does self-sourcing make the difference?
– Can clearing entities from yourself also clear them from your children?

• Q: What is the definition of an entity?

• Q: Do entities lower our vibration in order for us to live on Earth?
– Can entities be removed by a healer?
– Who is responsible?

• Q: Are Channelled Beings actually entities?
– Does “Awakening” automatically release entities with ease?

• A Cautionary Tale from Kerry’s early practice

Entity Clearing
– Witness your Heart in innocence
– Purification: Dissolve the untruth
– Guided Mirror Exercise

Conversation: Powerful sharing discussions of participant experiences