Plasma Light Tribe Call #60

Q & A, Plus: Entity Clearing 2.0

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• Who is to blame and how can they serve us?
• Can you be with yourself in your discomfort of the trigger?
• What dissolves the trigger?
• Who is in charge? The brain and its rambling thoughts or the I AM presence?

Gender Disphoria:
• What is it? Is it an “agenda”? Who is it aimed at? Why?
• Finding belonging with others who don’t belong
• Highjacking the consciousness of youth?

Creating balance through donations

• Are they placeholders holding a place that YOU are not occupying?
• How can we reclaim the place that the entity was filling for us?
• How do these entities come to be?
• How does darkness serve the light?
• Withdrawing consent, and stating what you do consent to
• How do we assist children with clearing entities?

Meditation to clear entities and reclaim the space with your light
• Activating and expanding the 15d God spark within us to fill our field with our own light

Conception/Pregnancy and Births
• How is this changing? What is the divine design of this?
• Changing menstruation cycles as we evolve
• “Bless the Cotton Socks” of the medical community!

Divine Masculinity
• What is the role of the Divine Feminin and the Divine Masculin?
• Divine Masculin/Feminin as energies, not sexes
• Righteous Anger (Conscious Anger)
• Imbalance of energies and what that looks like
• 2022 and Divine Inner Union. Is the Divine Masculin coming online?
• Masculinity and today’s youth

Solar events
• Are these training sessions for “The Event”?
• Upgrades and the plasma tribe

• Etiquette and guidelines