Plasma Light Tribe Call #62

Mediation/Transmission: Intuition

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• Conversation:
– What is the true nature of Intuition?
– What is Galactic Consciousness?
– How do you listen to your Intuition?
– What does it feel like to be in pure stillness?
– How do we hinder our engagement with Intuition?
– How important are the answers?
– What is the key?

• Exercise:
-”Guess the Word”- guided exercise
– Can you accept failure?
– What does neutrality feel like?

• Conversation:
– What is the “goal” of Intuition?
– How do we give away our Intuitive power?
– Discussion on Guides/Origin of Astral Realm
– What is the origin of your wisdom?
– Can Ego connect you to divinity?
– How to connect more to the Galactics

• Meditation:
– Release stuckness
– Connect to highest expression of self
– Let go of the need to know
– Receive the gift of further opening