Plasma Light Tribe Call #64

Q & A

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• Conversation:
◦ The importance of your voice/your words in life and on the PLT forum.

• Q: When we have ascended, will we know that we have ascended?
◦ Discussion on waiting for ascension “the event / solar flash” moment versus it being a right now moment.
◦ Challenge to look back and see your own ascension.

• Q: I don’t like to rely on western medicine. I often find myself questioning where the line is between allowing ease and grace and developing a trust with our physical bodies. I understand this is an individual journey. What are your thoughts on this?
◦ Discussion on how western medicine might be called for, the relationship between western medicine and the body and the necessity to move out of resistance and judgment.
◦ What is sickness and what is its purpose?

• Q: When we ask our highest self a question how do we know the answer if from ourself and not an entity?
◦ Discussion on answers that arrive as many words versus arriving as a knowing or a single word.

• Q: I have a spaceship outside my window that shows up.
◦ Discussion on the program that all ETs are bad and should be feared.
◦ The power of your presence.

• Q: Why does my left ear drum vibrate when I meditate?
◦ Discussion on the Earth stargate system opening and how it affects the body.

• Q: What do we do with the ego/false self and how do we incorporate it?
◦ Who is speaking?
◦ The contrast of the true and false self.

• Q: Can you explain the distortion around house cats?
◦ Discussion on the distortions within every species on the planet.
◦ Discussion on Lemuria and human alignment.

• Q: Why are so many animals getting human diseases today like diabetes?
◦ How removing an animal from their natural environment can cause malalignment.

• Q: Do we still need to protect ourself from entities and psychic attacks?
◦ Coming into presence versus being in resistance.

• Q: Are cats capable of psychic attacks?
◦ Discussion on how people have used animals for psychic attacks.
◦ The power of putting down your scars.

• Q: Are the Galactic Wars over? My husband and I are fighting over the Felines vs the Galactic wars. What is the truth?
◦ The power of dropping the story.
◦ The power of being peace.