Plasma Light Tribe Call #65

Soul Readings

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1) -Gianna Princess of the Pleiades and the Lyrian Dragons. (The original overseers and guardians of humans)
-Her descent from Pleiades to Earth with the Dragons, and the lifetimes of her journey of ascent searching to reclaim the truth of who she is.

2) -Mickey
-Getting out of the brain
-Universe pushing us to overwhelm to assist us to detach from cerebral “false” self in accordance with grand alignment with each soul
-Undoing who we think we are, stepping into the unknown
-Getting out the brain. Brain as trickster/ego/ alleviating false self with false self
-Exchange “Trying” for Being”.
-Not healing others so that you can heal yourself (wounded healer) Becoming True Healer

3) -Robyn
-Traumatic Birth, not wanting to be on Earth again.
-Recycling System. Deception/Trickster Beings disguising as loved ones or ascended masters to trick us into re-incarnating on earth. (Now dismantled on Earth)
-”I am Home wherever I AM”
-Meeting unworthiness, seeing yourself
-Embodying Angelic self

4) Janka
-Planetary Rage, absorbing collective consciousness
– Heavy Metals in body/vaccines
– Plugging into ascension consciousness to counterbalance torment