Plasma Light Tribe Call #66

Meditation/Transmission: Dragon Ley Line Activation

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• Conversation:
– Have you lost the thrill of life?
– Can the worst teacher be the best teacher?
– “We are One”- Are these empty words?
– Blind Spots
– Does your image matter?
– Where are you still being the empty vessel?
– Earth’s new Normal
– What is Dragon Energy?
– What does it mean to be seen for who you truly are, not your image?
– How we become blind to what is right in front of us
– What are Dragon Ley Lines?
– Remembering gold
– How Dragon Energy ignites our power and helps us realign
– Is anger useful?

• Meditation:
– Be
– Dragon Ley Lines active in your body
– The Undiscovered You is right in front of you
– Get present more than ever before

• Conversation:
– Are the Dragon Ley Lines the same as Earth’s Ley Lines?
– How the planet is realigned and why it matters for the body