Plasma Light Tribe Call #67

Healing Chamber/Galactivation Occupying Your Light

Go to Call #67 > February 25, 2022 – Tessa

• Conversation:
– Recap of YouTube video: “How to Heal War on this Planet”
– Reference PLT #60: Clearing the inner war by occupying your space
– What is Galactivation?
– What is the Golden Galactic Healing Chamber?
– How do you overcome self doubt?
– Learning to validate self
– Why do we do “the wiggle” before energy work?

• Meditation:
– Validate inner sanctuary
– Your breath is breathing you
– Cosmic sheet of light
– Enter Healing Chamber
– Series of waves of colored crystalline liquid light
– Galactic light activation
– Conscious re-coding to original template
– Occupying your light
– Interacting with divinity creates peace
– Galactic counterpart assists in integration