Plasma Light Tribe Call #68

Q & A Authentic Presence

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• Conversation:
– Have you heard the call to explore the Unknown within?
– When will the darkness be over?
– What makes this Ascension extraordinary?
– Validating your evolution

• Questions:
– Q: How do I know where I am in the Ascension process?
– Getting over our conditioning
– How deep can you connect with your multidimensionality?
– What markers will show you where you are?

– Q: Is the plasma light body the same as the etheric body?
– What are the etheric bodies and the plasma bodies?

– Q: As I step into my authentic self, how can I be an authentic parent?
– What is conscious parenting?
– How do you “Be” for the relationships in your life?
– Discussion on telepathy and energetic exchange
– What do your relationships look like when you’re not trying to change others?
– How to come into acceptance and allow self-correction

– Q: Are aspects of me serving the dark? Do we have the same Higher Self? Am I meant to integrate them? Who wins?
– Reality check: Have you played every role? (a kaleidoscope of experience)
– Who is the Higher Self and who is the Personality Self?
– Alchemizing by being in presence
– How do you integrate past selves?