Plasma Light Tribe Call #69

Soul Readings

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• Conversation
◦ Energy update for April 2022
◦ Discussion on astral and underworld collapsing.
◦ What to do when we confront entities?
◦ What to do when entities are attached to a spouse, daughter, son, loved one.
◦ How to open up when everything tells you to protect, shield or find a safe place.
◦ What to do when you feel under psychic attack.
◦ Suggestion to rewatch replay of #64.

• Q & A
Chrisann – Why is it so difficult to feel and give love (touch, intimacy) when I feel so much love inside?
◦ Discussion on cosmic/universal love as compared to personal love.
◦ What does intimacy ask from the person?
◦ Discussion about chasing love away and being rejected by love.

Paola – What is this relationship that I am embodying with my husband? He receives downloads about my life and things that are about to happen to me.
◦ Discussion on the misconceptions and clarifications on the twin flame/ twin soul, sacred union relationship.
◦ Discussion on normalizing happenings in a twin flame/twin soul relationship.
◦ What experiencing this level of sacred union requires from you.

Nikalette – I don’t know what my mission is here. I don’t feel I will be present for long. Help me get my direction.
◦ Why are many people feeling an end to their journey?
◦ How the subconscious interprets transformation.
◦ What is your/our purpose?
◦ What is meant by softening?
◦ How to work through coping mechanisms.