Plasma Light Tribe Call #72

Q & A Being Present in Presence

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• Conversation:
– Being in vulnerability

• Questions:
– Is god/source light pure white light, a crystalline white light, or gold Christ light? How do they relate to each other? What does it mean?
– Where do spiritual people go off-kilter?
– How are we stopping ourselves from living?
– Why do we want the answers?
– Getting okay with experiencing the Unknown
– What happens when you bring yourself to presence?
– The power of Going Beyond

– What are Rocks? Are they dense or actually full of light?
– What does density really describe?
– How does collective consciousness work within space and time?
– Can you have a conversation with a rock?
– The enormity of the lifespan of a single stone

– Where can I learn interspecies communication? How can I be safe and participate for the highest good of all?
– Is interspecies communication something that is viable?
– How do we limit ourselves with knowledge?
– What is the true implication of being an interspecies communicator?
– Are we meant to speak separate languages?
– Spoiler Alert: you are headed Home
– Taking the viewpoint of connectedness