Preparing to leave the false matrix

Preparing to leave the false matrix and enter true reality


As we emerge from the illusion of the false matrix, here are some things need to know:

The NOW is not bound to time, it is infinite and a field of consciousness that exists outside of the False Matrix.  As I shared in the recent May Energy Update on YouTube, we are going to be seeing more and more fake info and if you have never seen deep fakes then please watch this 1-minute video to understand how realistic they look.  It can leave you convinced that you’re seeing an earthquake or a politician, a celebrity or a natural disaster and much like The Truman Show, your life is about to become a place that will leave you questioning what it real and what is fake.


Why are we focusing on this in now??

Aah I’m glad you asked.

Because we are being prepared.


Prepared for what?

Prepared to see true reality.  This is an ongoing process and will continue long after May but there is a clarion call for us to be prepared.  To see true reality, we must be able to see through the lies.  I want you to understand something so important and it answers why disclosure has not happened yet and why it won’t happen the way most people think it will.  The Truth cannot be told to you by an outside person anymore.  Do you understand that all the deep fake technology allows for reality to be augmented in any way, and if you trust what your eyes see you’re placing trust in the wrong place.  If the external world is showing us anything, it’s revealing its own nature of illusion.


So, what do you do then?

You learn to trust yourself and you learn it now, because the time is upon us to realize that we are the masters of our reality.  If you cannot at least allow for the possibility that you are here to master reality, then reality (the external illusion) will master you, and by extension, you will become its slave.   To master reality means to see it for the illusion that it is and to transcend it..


But what is real?

I shared this video recently, it’s a tiny snippet of the second of our Forever-Starts-Now calls and it talks about the nature of reality as an illusion.  I liken it to a VR simulation.   True reality, also known as the organic universe, is what we are returning to, and some would call this Eden, or New Earth – I think True Earth is a better description.  It’s a world where we get to live out who we are without the external manipulation and the reason we came here to deconstruct the false matrix from within, to be multiple birth givers to a new reality.


Who do you trust now?

Advanced technologies already exist to leave no visible difference between the real and the fake so who do you trust? If you cannot trust yourself, then you are in no position to place your trust in any outside source because you will be 100% reliant on what they show you and 100% open to manipulation.  You’ll never develop your natural ability to discern and never activate personal responsibility which is at the foundation of your spiritual growth and ascension journey.  A lie cannot stand on its own, it always needs reinforcements, which is why you see the external world gathering in numbers to present narratives to you that they want you to believe.  In the recent past, the external world has relied on the sheer number of lies to convince you that they are truth.  Finally, though, most human beings have reached the inner crossroads that allows them to question their reality.  The foundation upon which your freedom from the lies can be established, is the foundation of self-trust.  The foundation of self-trust enables self-mastery.  Mastering your reality follows self-mastery.


Then how do you trust yourself?

In a world that conditioned you to be led by others, leading yourself is new and something we all need to learn and continue to deepen our learning in.

Self-trust starts out in a very humble way.  It begins by you allowing yourself to validate and feel what you feel.  This creates a very real connection with innermost self and is the beginning of authenticity.  We learned to become versions of ourselves that the world told us to be or asked us to be.  We had no idea that our relationship to the true self was being extinguished and an imposter, called the ego, was taking its place.  The ego is the navigator of this (false matrix) reality, it is not the totality of you.  It is however, wired to navigate the illusion and it does this because it is also illusory in nature.  This means the ego is not who you are, and the external reality is not what is.  They are both bound to the false matrix and both illusory and the cause of extreme suffering on this planet.  The time to see beyond the illusions is upon us.  To see the inner illusion is to see the external illusion.  To reveal inner authenticity is to create discernment that you can trust in and to co-create a reality of authenticity.


Supporting your spiritual journey

Whilst the ego is expert at navigating the false matrix and allowing you the perception that it’s all real, the ego cannot navigate infinity, or the organic world outside of the false matrix. This is why it’s time to connect to the true self – the lie has become too exhausting to uphold.  Self-trust begins with self-connection – if you’d like me to take you much deeper into that journey then I can guide you along with the exquisite members of the Plasma Light Tribe and give you access to all our past content, invites to all our upcoming live calls and a space of truth to be held in, that allows you to connect to the true self.  Sometimes all you need a little straight talk and a lot of love to lead the way.  I’m not here to lead you to me, but rather, to lead you to the true you.  Obviously, you can navigate the journey on your own, which I know that many of you are, and in that case, I hope that the free content I keep sharing with you, brings you some kind of support.  This part of the spiritual journey that we are walking will require everything of you, it will test you and challenge you beyond your wildest dreams because that’s where we have to go.


Go Beyond!

Yes!  Beyond your wildest dreams … what waits for you there?  Beyond everything you can currently imagine, what is there?  A peace that words cannot describe, a love so powerful that simply being in its presence answers every question you ever had and restores everything in you back to the wholeness you started out at.  A divinity that lives inside every cell of your body as an infinite connection to all that you are connected to, allowing you to live in a state of permanent connection, presence, and unification with God/The Universe.   Go beyond.  For beings who are here to transcend the false matrix, that is what we are here to live by.  It also happens to be the motto of the Galactic Ground Crew (part of the Plasma Light Tribe).


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With so much love…
From my heart to yours…