A Galactic Interlude

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A Galactic Interlude

We are human beings, totally unaware of what that means, the inherent gifts it brings us, the resounding acknowledgment the universal audience has for us.  We are human beings, totally unaware of our power, of ourselves as universal beings, as cosmic beings.  Please join me on Sunday the 26th of July for an Interlude with the Galactics as we team up to connect with you and Your Cosmic Heritage.  You are the greatest revealing, the most splendid unveiling that you could ever imagine.  Come explore with me

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3 reviews for A Galactic Interlude

  1. elizabeth comiskey (verified owner)

    This was a very inspiring session with Kerry. The meditation really blew me away. What I saw and felt opened gateways to other worlds within me. I truly know that I am a Galactic being having an amazing human experience. And I can access the information I need from an activated viewpoint. This was so enlightening and wonderful!

  2. Patricia roberts (verified owner)

    A Galactic Interlude was my first session with Kerry K. At the moment meeting my Galactic Guides I cancelled all fear of seeing them. My Galactic Guide appeared very serious & in a long dull brown cloak. Ohhh, that’s dull, I thought. Note the word “cloak”. He then removed the “cloak” & “uncloaked” to reveal his shimmering colourful body of light. He chose to “cloak” to ease my fear… lol… it was such a joy filled magical feeling of great love…Kerry K you are guiding me home 👸🏼🌏💫

  3. Nadia (verified owner)

    Thankyou so much Kerry this was such a beautiful transmission. I felt this remembrance and tears of love. My nose was twitching a bit like I was making odd communications through my nose! My hands were heated too. My heart expands with so much gratitude for you.Thanks so much Nadia.

    Ps I listened later on Sunday as I’m in Aus and I felt like I was still there with you all.
    Sending love Nadia

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