Deep Relaxation 1 – Body

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Relaxation of Body
and Soul
are three separate events that will combine into one interactive experience of self that serves to align you with your Highest Intelligence.

This Highest Intelligence is always conscious, has always been conscious, holds all the memory of who you have been and will be, including who you are right now. It knows everything in your entire Akash, in fact, it directs the occurrences that register in the Akash as your life experience.

You can interact with this Highest Intelligence; it is infinite, and it is waiting to work with you directly. It is both a part of you and a part of the Universe simultaneously and is aware of itself as both.

This Highest Intelligence is the consciousness of the God-Spark that exists within each of us.

Deep Relaxation teaches you how to align your physical body by learning to relax all the tension and trauma and you have held since before birth. This is what we will cover in the “Body” meditation whilst in the “Mind” meditation we will be having a deep and intimate conversation with the brain, restoring it to its rightful place so that your Higher Intelligence can begin to show up more fully. In the final meditation, which is the “Soul” meditation we will be learning what it is to relax into ourselves as energetic beings, creating a more intimate relationship with the energy bodies.

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14 reviews for Deep Relaxation 1 – Body

  1. Gerry Pool

    Awesome meditation with Kerry, that reminded me that my body is potentially perfect, that it can be seen and heard as the potential of devinity.

  2. Kristen Dolan (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing experience. Kerry does a beautiful job guiding us on a transformative journey into a deep relaxation where we meet the innocent wisdom of the body. As someone who has lived with autoimmune disease for most of my adult life, I have had a “complicated” relationship with my body, this was the first time I saw my body as separate from the disease and was able to honor the power & the wisdom that is there for us. Such a gift to give oneself. I will be doing this meditation again & again.

  3. Lalita Flagg (verified owner)

    Kerry directs you back to yourself and your innate Divinity that resides within each of us!
    Group therapy increases the healing that occurs!
    Definitely something to be experienced no matter where you are on your journey! There is a seat for everyone at the table and a meal that is perfectly prepared for every guest!

  4. Bonnie Mandell-Rice (verified owner)

    This was another incredible offering from Kerry. I feel deeply connected to my body and its wisdom.

  5. Sarah Ulhaas (verified owner)

    Exactly what I needed on that day. Kerry has a special way to get you into your body. No other person gets me as relaxed and connected.

  6. Angela Langley (verified owner)

    This was an amazing experience. I thought I was able to relax my body but this meditation took me to another, deeper sacred level. It was a very profound meditation in which I connected deeply with the wisdom of my body. I will definitely listen to this again and again.

  7. Sandra van Eijk-Rodrigues Lima (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this meditation. I can’t express enough my gratitude to Kerry for wisely guiding us to such profound embodiment of our Higher Consciousness. What a remarkable impact it has been making at my expansion process. It has strengthened my consciousness/body connection and definitely has broadened comprehension of who I really am. I am all gratitude & appreciation for Kerry’s way to share her special gifts with us.

  8. Juniper Bhandari (verified owner)

    This first part of the Relaxation Trilogy is beautiful! I often use it as a powerful yoga Nidra before bed. If you’re looking to relax your body, it does that perfectly and enhances the connection to the wisdom of your body in an amazing way. I love Kerry’s meditations and I highly recommend this entire trilogy.

  9. Marion Selzer (verified owner)

    I dind´t know how important and what for a key deep relaxation of the body is for the connection to your higher self. Thank you so much!

  10. Allison Cauley (verified owner)

    Such a wonderful way to feel more connected not only to the body but to our true selves. I cannot recommend this meditation enough!

  11. Lynne Price (verified owner)

    Kerry once again deep gratitude for guiding us back to the innate beautiful wisdom of our body.. I was able to connect easily and much more deeply and for once not drop off.. Thank you so much!🥰

  12. emily gorrell

    I cannot recommend this meditation enough! I am using it at least once a week right now, and I relish the time spent on relaxation.

  13. Michelle Sullivan

    This, as with All the profound wisdom Kerry blesses me with, so spectacularly deepens my own ability to connect with me, the true me, the Me who Feels my Divinity in my whole body (especially in my heart), as a living, breathing reality instead of words-read-on-paper kind of “understanding” (which isn’t understanding at all).

    I will return to this meditation again & again, as every time I do, my true knowingness-from-a-feeling-place of Me deepens.

    Honestly, if this was the only meditation offered, there’s more than enough teaching in it to last me for the rest of my life! And Kerry offers a Plethora of courses, all of which are free upon joining this beautiful tribe, yet another profound blessing in and of itself to be among such resonance.

    I feel the ever-deepening love from being in infinite oneness of this sacred space. And after all, what else is there?

  14. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    I’ve been replaying this meditation for awhile now recently & only just now have I begun to truly connect with Divine consciousness in my body purposefully, consciously.

    As has been the case with so much of my deepening into the True Me, I was inspired by darkness, in this instance, a with a couple of brushes with darkness that served to make me even more determined to consciously bring more light
    Into me.

    The darkness is feeling participatory rather than confrontational as I go along – like we’re dancing together for the same reason.

    I deeply felt my body’s relaxation & the reality of my True Self. And yet, it feels like only “the tip of the iceberg” as to the infiniteness of that depth..

    Kerry, I trust my profound gratitude is inherent in my experience of my coming home to me.

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