Embody Yourself


We have entered into a crucial point in our ascension process, in order to progress further into the alchemy of body and light (density and light) we need to now step into the fullness of who we re in our energy fields and being to occupy that space.

Humanity has accomplished so much, this is the very reason why the next step in our path has been revealed and made available to us. We are called; YOU are called into this sacred experience where you get to connect with the fullness of the space you occupy.

You do not begin and end with your skin, you occupy a vast energy field around your physicality. Each of us have different and personal reasons for not living in that space. Many will call it denial or being shut of from self, others will have been dealing with other focal points that directed them into density and resolving distortions there. Regardless of whether you feel ready or worthy, we are entering a time where we get to reclaim and re-embody the space around our physicality.

I am delighted and excited to share this journey with you and to support you in navigating a sacred journey back into the fullness of who you are. You are multi-dimensional, you are galactic, you are cosmic, you are celestial, you are source. This sanctuary space is to allow you a meaningful interaction with that space.

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