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9 reviews for Higher Heart Higher Mind: A live interactive online course

  1. sullanzo (verified owner)

    This is no ordinary course. Kerry has an amazing gift to take you deep into yourself to help you discover who you really are without self imposed and societal limits.
    Time and space disappeared as Kerry spoke and guided us each week. I didn’t know Kerry before and yet was somehow guided to join the course. Highly recommended. ✨💕✨

    Sue Dellanzo

  2. lindathorp (verified owner)

    The Higher Heart Higher Mind Journey was and is so amazing. I am learning so much about myself and thank you so much Kerry for your patience, love understanding and humility, you are a very powerful and beautiful lady. Thank you 💜

  3. ryannickyaustin (verified owner)

    Kerry is an amazing facilitator.
    Kerry could not have given more to our group.
    Kerry has a great understanding of our human/soul journey.
    I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to be authentic with oneself and willing to face any challenges as yet to be dealt with.
    I felt loved, supported and understood by Kerry, but we also have developed a wonderful group, which is a true gift.

  4. Cherylcorcione (verified owner)

    Higher Heart Higher Mind is truly an amazing, transformative experience! It has been an honor and privilege to participate in this Divine journey. Kerry is truly beautiful, amazing and passionate.. she shared so much wisdom to further empower us on our journey. The energy and activations were so powerful! Deep, buried emotions I was still holding on to were also brought into the light and transmuted back into love…allowing me to embody more of my true essence and state of being called love. The experience, transformation, expansiveness, inner peace, bliss and love I am now emanating is beyond words! <3 <3 <3

  5. Monique (verified owner)

    This course is beyond this world and it is truly changing my life rapidly!
    It gave me the boost of awakening I needed at exactly the right time.

    The first time I connected with Kerry was a soul reading last year in May, and now because of the awaking of my Higher Heart and Higher Mind in this course, I could connect deeper with my fears of disease, dying and suppression by the masculine forces in my life.
    Connecting deeper to the soul purpose of them, which allowed me to step out of these fears and completely open myself up for being available as the vessel for my Higher Self to move through me freely and surrender into being guided to express my true calling here on earth.

    Not sure where this will take me all, but leaving all possibilities open and be receptive and act upon where the energy takes me, where my Joy takes me.
    It becomes easier every day because of the tools, the inner technology I have learned in this course.
    I am so grateful for you serving us here on planet earth Kerry, thank you!🙏❤️

    Looking forward to Level 2 as well, Yeah!

  6. Noy (verified owner)

    Kerry is a wonderful teacher, her course will help you remember and transform your inner being to become awakened and activated as the divine being that you are.

  7. Alexia (verified owner)

    I’ve been meaning to write this gratitude note & review for a few days now, but I just felt there were not enough words to express my true gratitude to Kerry and my admiration for her truly amazing work and the level of mastery in what she offers to the world through her work and through her pure presence, which radiates unconditional love, authenticity, joy and high levels of embodied wisdom, expressed in such a humble, HUman and Divine way all at the same time! Such a pure honor and blessing to witness and be a part of it all during the 5 weeks of this course. And that was a big intro sentence, because the effects of this work were indeed big in every way. And I feel we haven’t even seen half of the hugely transformative effects this course will have in the lives of all participants of the course in the near future.

    The Higher Heart Higher Mind Course is indeed a Master course on so many levels, as Kerry has structured this course in such a masterful way as to take the participants through a safe and fully supported journey of self discovery, releasing of false identity, and embracing of authentic self during the first couple of weeks of the course and then, slowly but surely taking everyone for a much deeper dive into the ‘mysteries’ of the pineal gland and the amazing universe within and all around us. Powerful Activations every week, one building beautifully upon the next one, and such divine meditations and practices and wealth of information, were all so beautifully and clearly presented by Kerry every week in the most loving and powerful way. Such a rich course that I am sure no matter how many times I go back to the recorded videos of each live session in the next weeks and months, I will be able to discover, learn and assimilate more and more every time and go deeper within myself through all the processes and activations provided in this program.

    And finally, what can I say about the love and warmth and acceptance I found in the amazing group of Souls that Kerry was able to attract in this course. A true Soul Family re-union and new friendships & Soul connections that can last a lifetime!

    For all of the above reasons, and much more, I just could not recommend this course enough. A true gem and a huge blessing for those who are really ready to step into their true Mastery!

  8. Nicki Last

    Higher Heart Higher Mind is a gift you give yourself, that will keep giving. There are so many facets of this course that make it awesome. My experience of Kerry K was one of humour, warmth, compassion and wisdom. This lady has researched her topic widely and speaks not only from what she has learnt but also from what she has experienced and embodied.
    At times I forgot I wasn’t the only person she was speaking to….that is how engaging Kerry is… and please remember there were 40 participants.
    I am grateful for and highly recommend this course. 🙏❤️

  9. Jackie (verified owner)

    If there were just ONE course you could do on your spiritual journey, this would be the one I would recommend. Kerry K is the real deal. Only someone who has walked the path can truly show it to another, holding space and guiding from a place of deep knowing and profound love, aware that each of us have our own unique experiences as we travel together. Immerse yourself if you feel called to it, and embrace your expansion. In deep gratitude and with much love ❤️❤️❤️

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