Land Swim 2 – Going Deeper

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For those who enjoyed their sacred experience at Land Swim 1 where we got to swim with the wise ones of the deep, this is a continuation of that journey and a deepening into the sacred union between our consciousness and our body. In Land Swim 1, we got to swim in the crystalline waters of consciousness and meet our dolphin counterpart and the holders of the space, the whales. They sang their songs into us and imparted keys to our remembering. We consciously connected to their energy flow and allowed it to activate our own, to restablish the cellular and inter cellular communication within our bodies. When our energy flow aligns, our memories return, and with that the point of Land Swims becomes clear – we are being served by the wise ones of the deep in remembering who we are.

Come swim with me.

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13 reviews for Land Swim 2 – Going Deeper

  1. Pamela White (verified owner)

    Hi Kerry I loved these so much. I went to sleep in both 1 and 2 Landswim.
    After session 1 I went to bed and in my dream I was in the water with a beautiful dolphin and she was helping me let go of my fear of being in the water. She was so loving and patient and I was soon swimming with her ever do gentle, playing. After session 2 I found myself dancing, giggling and feeling playful.
    Playfulness was not an experience I had as a child and it is not something I have found easy. They are teaching me to Love playing and know I am safe to do so. I will go back and do them both again. Thank you so much.

  2. Kristen Dolan (verified owner)

    After doing Land Swim 1 I was excited to do Land Swim 2, the experience this meditation offers us is nothing like anything I had experienced before. The Dolphins & Whales allowed me to be “seen” , they knew me in ways that so many of us long to be seen and gave me the tools to embody the version of myself that I had always been waiting for. I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you KerryK! xo

  3. Praveena (verified owner)

    Thank you for this special meditation Kerry. I always had a fear for the ocean. The water not the beings that reside in the ocean. After this meditation I can’t wait to get into the physical water and feel the sensation of the water on my skin. Something HUGE shifted for me with water after this meditation.
    Also when I close my eyes I can still see the eyes of the whales and dolphins.
    I have such a deep level of love and respect for the ocean after the meditation.
    Thank you again.
    Fear for water has disappeared.

  4. Sherry Buikema (verified owner)

    Landswim 2 is incredible! I love the depth of “at-home” feeling and especially enjoy the replay with video and sounds! WOW! I am excited to receive the additional insights sure to follow this swim, as it did with Landswim 1! Thank you Kerry ♡

  5. Anna McKee (verified owner)

    The second land swim experience was even deeper and more informative than the first! I had the image of a whale eye in my experience that was profound! There was so much communication in that experience! I highly recommend this for anyone feeling called to participate!

  6. Jenni Galbraith (verified owner)

    This meditation was absolutely exquisite! Wow. The depth of healing and understanding that I experienced was profound. The whale song that reverberated through my being, attuning and restoring myself to my divine frequency is something I will never forget. Exploring my own inner depths was like sinking into a blissful embrace with my power/self. This meditation is without a doubt one of the very best I have ever experienced, and I have done guided meditations for over a decade. I am forever changed from this one. I can’t thank you enough for this beautiful gift.

  7. Lisa Leinen

    It was so powerful being part of this activation. I’ve always felt a deep connection to the whales and in this experience, to have them so close, to feel their love for us and their powerful energy running through me was such a profound experience, beyond words. Kerry talked about how the whales sing Earth’s song back to her. As a singer, this speaks to me as I am exploring the power of sound. I am used to feeling energy in my chakras but while taking the Land Swim, I experienced buzzing in the place where the collar bones meet. When I asked Kerry about this, she said that that is where the higher voice chakra is located. It made perfect sense to me as I had asked the whales to please teach me how to use my voice. To have my request answered immediately was so moving and I look forward to diving deeper into my connection with them.

  8. Chrisann (verified owner)

    In a world were we are conditioned to look outside, Land Swim 2 turns us inward to dive to our inner, unexplored depths. What a beautiful build upon Land Swim 1 !

  9. Leah Juarez (verified owner)

    For me, Land Swim 1 opened up a whole new world because of Kerry’s ability to create a safe space to explore a powerful way to communicate and connect with all beings and the universe itself. This meditation lead me to join the Plasma Light Tribe community, of which I am so very grateful to be a part. So, then, I couldn’t wait to literally DIVE IN to Land Swim 2! With new support and the expanded ability to trust and let go, I allowed the dolphins and whales to take me far out to sea to see more than I ever could have imagined, or would have ever had the courage to go alone. If you truly want to make a positive difference in this world, I suggest you start here and recognize and appreciate your own abilities to connect, communicate, and co-create on a whole new level. It’s working for me!!

  10. Charlyne Pich (verified owner)

    I loved land swim 2! It definitely did feel like a deepening of the connections I made with the dolphins and whales from land swim 1, in land swim 1 I felt nurtured and activated, in land swim 2 it felt like a call to action, to remember why I am here and that I am not here alone without support. Towards the end of it I saw this beautiful flying fish jump out of the water, its scales were iridescent and it had wings. It was an amazing reminder that all is possible, to swim on land and to fly in the sea, it is up to us to see past the surface and into the connection. Thank you Kerry, you did it again!

  11. Kathy (verified owner)

    This is such an absolutely beautiful experience diving deep into my depths. I was immersed into the eye of the whale and deep into the earth, a feeling of harmony in my body with the whale song pulsing. When I first met the dolphins, I felt instantly like diving into the water with them and one dolphin swam alongside me until I was playing and gliding as the dolphin. So much joy!!!

  12. Tessa Barnes (verified owner)

    Joining in the serene, easy, gentle lulling of Kerry’s voice as she guides the listener into a meditation of deep connection with incredibly intelligent, aware, expansive beings is as awesome and simple as listening and allowing. And what starts as a conscious allowing, ends in profound self-discovery and deeply healing connection to Mother Earth. Coming into an awareness that the beings we share this planet with are equally as profoundly aware of us is an exquisitely humbling and empowering experience. I came away with a deeper understanding of self, a deeper comfort and appreciation for my own nature, and a gentle reminder that I have value on and to this Earth, and that at any time I can continue to sing my song and co-create with Her and Her inhabitants. I absolutely recommend both Land Swim 1 and Land Swim 2. Where you are at now is the perfect place to start.

  13. Sandra van Eijk-Rodrigues Lima (verified owner)

    Wow, what a sequel to Land Swim 1! Is it possible to go far-off within? Yes! We’re digging into the UNKNOWN! Wait a minute, what is this? I am safe, am am loved….. I SEE MY TRUTH! I found My TRUE self andBEYOND. And each time we “dive” with our allies, our perceptions shift. I honor us all, Kerry, the dolphins, the whales and myself!

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