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Let’s go Land-Swimming, a Guided Meditation with the Dolphins and Whales. Join me for an incredibly unique experience where I will be facilitating a telepathic communication and soul connection, between you and the wise ones of the deep.

The dolphins and whales are our star family, here on earth to hold resonance for us until such time that we can do it ourselves. At that time, we will meet and see each other for who we really are, taking the masks off metaphorically, greeting each other and experiencing a reconnect.

If you feel you are not “advanced” enough for this content, I assure you that anyone who is willing will be perfectly capable of following along, each at their own pace, with no one to compare to.

For those who are deeply tuned in, you will get to meet yourself through their eyes and reimagine who you are as they remember you to be.

Come and play in the deep of your own multi-dimensional, infinite nature.

Should you not be able to attend the live event, you are most welcome to catch up on the replay
which is made available 24 hours after the live event, simply click over to the Replay Section
here on my website.





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14 reviews for Land Swim 1

  1. Belinda Wake (verified owner)


  2. Praveena (verified owner)

    Thank you for this meditation and connection with the dolphins and whales. This experience has made me less fearful of the ocean. For the first time I felt safe and protected with the ocean beings. Throughout the meditation the diamond light kept shimmering in the water. The water felt very soft. An amazing experience. Thank you again.

  3. Allyson Muir (verified owner)

    Weeks later this has stayed with me. This process is so profound and life- changing. It’s also not what you think it’s going to be. Highly recommend.

  4. Charlyne Pich (verified owner)

    Did you know you can swim on land?? … well i didnt until now! Connecting with dolphins and whales has always been one of those things Ive wanted to do but never end up doing, so I knew this was my chance to come in full contact and connection with them and just be fully in their presence. oh it was sooo beautiful, at one point I found myself being loving carried in the womb of a very motherly whale – not motherly in anyway that we normally understand it but a much more deeper nurturing and comfort and support that honored me in my totality in that moment. Thank you to the whales, dolphins and Kerry!

  5. Bonnie Mandell-Rice (verified owner)

    Kerry’s meditations and courses are all amazing. I loved this. Especially the second time – the first time I was rather tired! The connection with the dolphins and whales was – I guess the best way to describe is blissful. Each time you listen it is new…….

  6. Kristen Dolan (verified owner)

    Are you ready to go on an adventure?! Allow your imagination to take you into the waters so you can meet the most magnificent beings! This experience was like no other, the dolphins & whales are here to help us discover the parts of us that we may never know existed because of the depth we have to go to meet it.

  7. Sherry Buikema (verified owner)

    I am still blown away from the landswim experience!! Interesting is I personally did not feel called by the whales and dolphins and am more of a by-the-water than in-the-water person. However my inner guidance was simply “you don’t want to miss this!” I am so glad I followed the nudge! The experience was incredibly powerful and emotional! So much energy tangibly tingling throughout in response to their obvious presence. I can feel their love and wisdom integrating within me, even after a recent replay. Over the top!! Very grateful! Thank you Kerry for your gifts in which you deeply guide us through these wonder-full experiences! Much Love ♡)))

  8. Anna McKee (verified owner)

    What a great experience! Connecting with the whales and dolphins was a first for me and I will definitely be back for land swim 2!

  9. Chrisann (verified owner)

    Land swim 1 was a welcomed invitation to play, explore and relax. My experience was definitely more dolphin focused. I look forward to swimming again with Kerry and these delightful hosts.

  10. Jenni Galbraith (verified owner)

    I haven’t felt super connected with dolphins or whales in this lifetime -more like feeling respect for them from afar. That is, until I did the Land Swim! Wow. This guided meditation led me into myself where I was easily able to connect with these amazing beings. The love and healing offered by the dolphins and whales was and is immense!! I highly recommend this meditation whether you already feel a connection to these wonderful beings or not. I learned so much about myself, healing, love, and service in this meditation.

  11. Leah Juarez (verified owner)

    I have been exploring Animal Communication for quite some time, but was always a bit apprehensive about really letting go and trusting that what I could experience is real. That’s why I am so grateful to Kerry for providing the perfect, safe place to validate and confirm that this powerful way of communicating is not only real, but we all have the ability to access it. The Land Swim was a beautiful way to not just dip a toe into the water, but to joyfully jump all the way into the deep and play and swim as I’ve always wanted to do!

  12. Kathy (verified owner)

    The Landswim1 meditation is a beautiful experience meeting with the dolphins and whales. My heart opened so expansively and It’s definitely calling me to re-visit again so I can go deeper.

  13. Sandra van Eijk-Rodrigues Lima (verified owner)

    I’ve been in contact with dolphins and whales through documentaries, listening to their sound in meditation, etc, however I’ve never had before such deep & close rendezvous. I am deeply grateful to these magnificent light beings, including beloved Kerry, for gifting me with another opportunity to acknowledge consciousness embodiment. I came out from the “ocean” renewed “ and this restoration has a ripple effect in my life and others who surround me. Kerry, sending you so much love and appreciation for leading us to this meditation 💝🎆🙏🏻

  14. Annette Lusardi (verified owner)

    If you are looking to go to new depths in your spiritual journey, I highly recommend Land Swim 1. Nothing is by chance and if you are reading this perhaps this is your invitation to connect with these beautiful beings. I was blown away by the information I learned about the whales 🐋 and Dolphins 🐬 . This meditation was transformative and I will never forget it. I am looking forward Land Swim 2.

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