Meet Your Future Self Part 1

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Join me for an unforgettable journey into your higher consciousness. In this guided meditation we travel first, to your 3 month future self. Surrounded by the comfort and safety of the highest light, you will find yourself held in love and easily able to journey to the highest version of you, 3 months from now.

The interaction between you and your future self is easily assimilated by your current self, at the physical body level where conscious embodiment can readily take place, because both versions of you (the current self and future self) share the same signature energy and the same soul. This allows for a real time experience of your own higher consciousness and an easy integration into the body.

We also experience the loving presence, guidance and wisdom of the 6 month future self, allowing you to bring that into your current day life and evolve both you and your future self, thus creating quantum leaps in consciousness.

2 reviews for Meet Your Future Self Part 1

  1. Sher Buikema

    Thank you Kerry for this updated version of Meet Your Future Self as Parts 1 and 2… and your generosity of gifting to plasma light tribe members.
    I have been revisiting the previous version regularly since the beginning of the year, with noticeable embodiment.
    The energy space you graciously hold for us, along with my willingness to integrate is very tangibly experienced in these meditations!
    Beyond grateful and full of love for all you are and do πŸ’ž

  2. Bonnie Mandell-Rice

    Wonderful and even more blissful was following it with Part 2. Thank you dear dear Kerry for all the meditations, all the gifts, everything you do for the PLT and all that you do for the world and for your very being. Much love

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