Meet Your Future Self Part 2

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Deepen your journey from Meet Your Future Self Part 1, as we embark on an even more powerful connection with your higher consciousness, this time meeting your 1 year and 10 year future self. This guided meditation will leave you in a state of connection with your ascending consciousness, allowing for a deeper trust of life, the path ahead of you and your ability to navigate it to your highest outcome.

As with the first guided meditation in this series, you are held in the safety of pure divinity, wherein the body can relax into its own higher consciousness and it’s ability to hold that higher expression in every day life.

Meet Your Future Self Part 2 should not be undertaken without first listening to Meet Your Future Self Part 1

2 reviews for Meet Your Future Self Part 2

  1. Michelle Sullivan

    Parts I & II together was to experience what feels like the “tip of the iceberg” of Divine ecstasy. W. O. W.

    Just when I feel I couldn’t be more blessed by Kerry’s teachings, I am.

    My gratitude is as the Universe.

  2. Bonnie Mandell-Rice

    Incredible. I have done Kerry’s older Meet Your Future Self meditation a couple of times. Always wonderful. Did Part 1 and then Part 2 of these new Meet Your Future Self meditations. Part 1 was great but this one – YOWZA. I so appreciate that Kerry guides us and also reminds us not to look for words or visuals from our future selves (and that it is okay if they come ) but to feel the energy and frequencies with which they imbue us. That is so important for me because I feel resistance to what they may say to me even as I bask in their exquisite energy! And I don’t want my mind to come up with something. So very grateful to Kerry for this and all the other wonderful meditations I have purchased and all those that she has gifted the PLT and that we do in the PLT>

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