Meet Your Galactic Self

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You know that you are more than what you see in the mirror, but the time has come for you to not know that intellectually, but rather, to know that experientially. I want you to experience yourself in a way that you have never thought possible, to be introduced to your expansiveness and to meet it in the only way that you can, with awe and wonder.

Join me for this guided meditation, but know that your sense of self will forever be expanded because of it. This interaction with your own Galactic Self will remind you that you truly are at the forefront of ascension, emerging as the true you at every opportunity. This meditation is just such an opportunity, there is no price that can be put on the reclaiming of your true self and the dissolution of the false matrix that once lived inside of you, posing as you. However some kind of donation to indicate reciprocation, appreciation and honouring is in order. I want you to honour yourself, and to offer whatever honours you the most, knowing that by honouring you, you will be honouring me too.


3 reviews for Meet Your Galactic Self

  1. Anna McKee (verified owner)

    Had such a wonderful experience the first time, I’ve just come back again for more! This one will offer you a powerful energetic gift! ❤️

  2. Praveena (verified owner)

    I have never experienced such depth and presence throughout the duration of a meditation.
    My focus and senses were awake and heighten and at no point did I drift off or numb out.
    My breathe took me deeper and deeper and deeper.
    What a phenomenal experience.
    Thank you for always being so special and patient with us.

  3. charlyne (verified owner)

    i have often looked out into the night sky wondering where I fit in within the consciousness of the Universe, what significance does a tiny ol’ me have within the scheme of the entire Universe. What was reveled to me when I met my galactic self was way more expansive and epic than I ever could have imagined, and in my surrender to this expansive epicness I both realized and understood, how could I not have always been this because I have always been this, it is my truth, my embodiment, my source connection. I didnt need the analytical details, I just needed the willingness to trust the truth of all that I am. At some point during the meditation Kerry’s voice faded into the background, I was leading myself now, Kerry was only ever the invitation (and I am soooo grateful for that invitation!) Thats what I so love about Kerry and her meditations, she can guide us the entire time or just to the door – its our choice. Here I am two days later and still feeling the high from this meditation, wow! I love you so much Kerry and your service to humanity <3

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