Meeting Your Future Self

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Join Kerry in this discussion about where we are as a collective in our ascension journey, how best to carry ourselves over the next part of our pathway and what is needed. After this hour long discussion Kerry then takes you on a journey over the course of the remaining hour into understanding why our future selves are so important to us and of course into a guided process where that meeting, activation and conversation takes place.

You will be guided to connect first to your 3 month future self, then your 6 month future self, your 1 year and finally your 10 year future self, what follows is a monumental process of integrating with your higher selves wisdom, perspective and growth and fast tracking your own “now” through these interactions. We end with meeting the Higher Self which is simply another future self, guiding us on our journey. Be ready to connect deeply with your heart and to flow into a guided journey of ease and profundity.

7 reviews for Meeting Your Future Self

  1. Nieves Perez

    Just Amazing, Life changing.

  2. Kacie

    This was one of the most powerful and potent activations and meditations I have ever done, and I have done quite a few! I feel so confident now walking into my future. I am a changed being from this experience. What a level up it was!

  3. Susan Dabe

    Kerry K is a beautiful soul being that will take you on a magical experience during this meditation. Her soothing voice moves you into a space in your heart that is without words to express one’s feelings of joy, love, compassion, manifested while she takes you into another realm. You will not be the same afterwards. I am still floating in my heart. Thank you Kerry K. Much love and respect.

  4. Jacquie

    Wow, what an amazing process this was. Since attending this I have had been having out of this world connections to my higher self and all my other multi dimensional incarnations. The wisdom and insight came while we were in the process but it continues after. It has really opened me up to start discovering my true nature, a multi dimensional being, and taught me how to connect to my nature through a simple process of connecting to my heart. Kerry your work is a gift to everyone who touches it and your presence in my life has been profound and life altering. I hope that this reaches more and more people and that they come to a deep knowing how supporting your work and following it will fundamentally shift them. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  5. Miss Bee

    Kerry is an amazing facilitator. She gracefully, with so much ease built up the energetics of this container to then elegantly and effortlessly move you into this higher experience which could have also been easily overwhelming by any sort of expectation I imagine. I was astonished about how easy I was able to ride along and then find myself in this realm of endless possibility just like that. Thank you for this one of a kind experience!

  6. felicialika33 (verified owner)

    Truly Divinely Amazing. I Highly recommend this wonderful Meditation to anyone that wishes to develop a Beautiful connection with their future selves and integrate more and learn, and empower our selves more. With effortlessness, Loving present bringing higher experience, I highly recommended… Infinite Love and Gratitude to our Beloved Kerry K for Her loving Caring heart Thank you so much…

  7. Valérie Nourissat (verified owner)

    Wow!! Extremely powerful! I can’t thank you enough Kerry for this Meditation!! Much love xxx

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