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It’s time to delve into the shadow and to understand what it’s really about. Many people hold the misconception that the shadow is where all our perceived-darkness goes. They naturally become resistant to entering that place and create barriers between themselves and their shadow so as to prevent them from gaining access to what appears to be scary and unwelcomed. The true self is whole. There is no part of you that is scary, less-than, unworthy or unwelcome. Only misunderstood, unclaimed and unknown.

In truth, as we explore the shadow self, we come to the most remarkable realisation and that is: it was never our dakness that we were afraid of, it was our light. Embedded within the shadow self are the aspects of self that appear too powerful to claim, too divine and too magnificent to yield. So along with all of our fears, our light also becomes inadvertently disowned.

This hour plus conversation and activation is a practical exercise in reclaiming our wholeness, integrating from the shadow that which we are ready and capable of holding whilst making room for more.

The live event fee INCLUDES your free recording, should you wish to join at the lowest price then book now, once the replay becomes available it will be uploaded to the shop at a higher rate. If you book and can’t attend, the replay is still yours to access whenever you wish. Please allow 24 hours after the live event for replay access.

It would be ideal to be in a comfortable surrounding, if you don’t have a quiet place to be try wearing a set of ear phones to reduce external noise and allow you to focus inwards when we do the practical exercises. Please have water on hand, arrive with your readiness to embrace more of you than you have ever before. I so look forward to what we create together.

Kerry K

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The replay is available in the Client Zone after purchase.

10 reviews for Shadow Integration Work

  1. Angela Langley (verified owner)

    This was one of the most amazing processes that I’ve experienced. While the subject of looking at my shadow self is normally an aspect that I’ve battled with, this process was so incredibly painless and powerful. I felt completely safe as I was held in such beautiful energy and light. During the process I found myself becoming liquid and merging with my inner Divine spark. Having a copy of the session is such a gift as I will definitely revisit this process as I continue to work on integrating my Shadow. For any one looking to do this important work, this Shadow Integration Workshop is an absolute must!

  2. Susanne H (verified owner)

    Once again, Kerry delivered yet another powerful healing assisting me in lightening my load. What else can I say? In the short time, I have had the opportunity to up my game making the decision to receive the tools, guidance, and activations from Kerry, literally 60 decades of holding onto trauma, karma (shadow) fragments from this lifetime and brought in from other lifetimes, have healed and released. No other method, book, practice or practitioner (and I have tried many) could offer or facilitate what I have achieved, especially from this beautiful Shadow Integration webinar as well as throught the course Higher Heart Higher Mind. Thank you, Kerry K for all you are doing to assist us during this incredible ascension process! What a gift it is you are here, that I am here during this planetary evolution. Such a blessing!

  3. Amanda Popely (verified owner)

    I had the most sublime 2 hour’s….I felt alot up upgrades..3rd ..integration..and a huge shift immediately after the session finished. And I feel JOY again…..I’m singing and dancing around the house with such freedom💓🤸‍♀️ To be held so beautifully was such a gift and I am truly grateful….Thank you and LoVE in abundance to you Kerry 🙏

  4. Julie Suess (verified owner)

    So incredibly powerful! Kerry’s gift to gently guide us through the meditation was masterful. I was on the reply but it didn’t matter. I was able to connect and experience the fullness of the meditation. I have never seen what I believe to be light language until the closing of the meditation and the wave of heat rolling through my body was confirmation of the wholeness I feel. Thank you for this timely gift. So much love and appreciation, namaste 🙏

  5. Susan Worthington (verified owner)

    This session with Kerry assisting us in integrating shadow was fantastic ! I highly recommend! Such a powerful meeting. As always, Kerry held space with Grace and Authority, allowing me to really let go and trust the process. I felt like many lifetimes of stuff was let go. The most amazing thing happened right after the session: In NJ it was blankets of clouds all day. I even have a picture right after the session. Then I went downstairs for 15 minutes and when I came back outside, the Sky around me was vibrant blue in every direction as far as I could see! Then I took a walk on the beach and a dolphin jumped up as i walked towards the water! I’ve hardly seen the dolphins all Summer. Cheers to Kerry and her team, and cheers to all of us too!

  6. Julie Larose-St-Amour (verified owner)

    This was so powerful! I felt it was like years of work condensed in 2 hours…and effortless!! Kerry’s approach was so loving and to the point. A perfect work not just to understand the shadow self but to embody the understanding and discover the treasure hidden behind the “scary part”. Thank you so much Kerry! 🙏🏻❤️

  7. Amanda Goerler (verified owner)

    Kerry Dearest, Thank you for the shadow video. I felt like maybe once before at a hot spring in California 1976. I haven’t felt this relaxed since. I felt pure, lit up and as tho’ I could ascend. I did a lovely meditation the other day where in a field I met my dear animal and her eyes. Since then, I have been having lots of synchronicities. I also noticed I only wanted to go to soft places on the internet. I was concerned yesterday/today that since I had a PCR test (where they use nano metal particles) that MAYBE I could not ascend. I feel I can. Do you agree? With a most loving heart in thanks for your love and light, Amanda Goerler PS Joined Plasma this evening <3

  8. nirvanapd6 (verified owner)

    Thank you Kerry. What a life changing integration with the shadow. I have never experienced such a deep level of connection and depth to myself before. The claiming of my shadow seemed alot easier when I did the replay. I guess it was a more openness to me accepting and acknowledging my shadowself more. I loved the comment about how do we sustain this feeling and it was simple as don’t resist the shadow acknowledge it and when it is seen it integrates into the light. Such ease and acceptance to dissolve shadow aspects. Thank you again.

  9. Anna McKee (verified owner)

    What a powerful experience! I highly recommend this for those willing to meet and discover yourself in a new level of expansion! Thank you Kerry for another fantastic experience ❤️

  10. Liz Reading (verified owner)

    Just experiencing this years after the original. Beautiful light meeting shadow. The very process of being with what is is like this colorful awe inspiring sunrise. Thank you.

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