Soul Energy Alignment (SEA) Session by Anna McKee

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A Soul Energy Alignment (SEA) Session is when one of our trained and accredited facilitators transmit a 15D signal to you, the purpose of which is to realign you with the quantum energy of your soul. 15D is pure divinity, your soul in its purest and highest form. It is relayed directly into your field within 24 hours of your support request. The transmission serves to align you with your highest outcome, no matter where you are or what you’re going through, thus allowing divinity to directly interact with you at the quantum level.

A note about SEAs: These sessions occur only at the energetic level, there is no personal interaction and no opportunity to ask for feedback. If you require personal interaction, please book a Soul Integration Therapy (SIT) Session




1 review for Soul Energy Alignment (SEA) Session by Anna McKee

  1. Rudi Möhl (verified owner)

    The session with Anna was incredible! I had a bath of peace harmony and happiness. I want to stay in such a frequency all the time, connected with my own divinity. Thanks alot Anna

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