Soul Integration Therapy Session with Annette Lusardi

Original price was: $233.00.Current price is: $150.00. 60 minutes


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Meet Annette


Are you desiring a shift in your reality? It takes courage to meet yourself at a level where transformational change can happen. As a Kerry K accredited facilitator, I am willing to take you deeper into yourself not only to discover the magnificence that lies within, but to also provide the opportunity for healing to take place.

My journey has challenged me to become comfortable in the discomfort of the unknown. Kerry’s teachings and training have provided me the tools to navigate “the unknown” and go deeper into myself than ever before. It is working at this depth that healing of core wounds, is possible.

During my session, I offer a safe, loving space where it is possible to clear lifetimes of density. As a shift occurs within, it is reflected in your outer reality. Whether you are looking for immediate and quick support through a SEA session, or an in depth one-on-one SIT session, I am happy and honored to support you on your journey.