Stability Bundle Deal, get all 3 activations in one bundle

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Stability - Part 1

Stability Part 2

Stability Part 3

2 reviews for Stability Bundle Deal, get all 3 activations in one bundle

  1. Angela

    Wow! After doing this course I felt so deeply grounded and connected to blessed Gaia and Heaven. I use this process daily and day by day I find myself feeling supported and so very calm. Once again Kerry’s beautiful guidance leads you to a deeper understanding of how to find your stability within when the exterior world seems so chaotic. Thank you dear Kerry for your gentle wisdom and love.

  2. Kristien

    Another beautiful, valuable course! One I come back to regulary because it helps me stabilise into earth, the universe and into myself. When I first joined the Plasma Light Tribe it also was a base to build on and to practise getting used to the high level of energy.
    Each session took me deeper and deeper and by the 3rd session I thought I was in heaven. Little did I know it was only the beginning.
    Thank you Kerry for including this into the PLT membership.

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