Stability Part 3

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Join us for the final in a three part series which has quite literally taken us to heaven and back again as it’s taught us to anchor ourselves into the heavens and root ourselves in the ground whilst creating a bubble of protective light around ourselves. The actual experience of these Stabilizing events has been supportive especially when navigating turbulent emotional states or confusion.

In Part 3 we are going deeper into heaven so please join me for another unforgettable cosmic voyage.

This is part 3 in a three part series.

Part 1 – activation
Part 2 – consolidation
Part 3 – integration

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5 reviews for Stability Part 3

  1. Matthee (verified owner)

    Nothing puts me back on track better than the Stability Meds (Meditations). This series is indescribably simple and effective to put life and my place in it back into perspective. It’s a quick remember who you are when you are stable and connected meditation. Stability 1-3 is my go to product.

    Thank you Kerry. This is a winner.

  2. Chrisann (verified owner)

    Kerry’s Stability series was the exact medicine that I needed. If left me feeling delightfully energized and empowered. Thank you, Kerry!

  3. Lily Jonsek (verified owner)

    Stability 1-3 takes grounding beyond anything I’ve experienced before. The deep stability I learned to access through this course has made it possible for me to ride the wave of this amazing, challenging year rather than get torn to pieces by it.

  4. nirvanapd6 (verified owner)

    Total peace and calmness through this meditation and activation. I would highly recommend these stability series. I recently went through some challenging experiences and I was always guided to listen to these replays to bring me back to my core and fuel up by stabilizing myself. Thank you Kerry.

  5. charlyne (verified owner)

    I honestly do not know how I would have navigated the past few months with out the gist in Stability 1,2,3. They are each amazing meditations and build upon each other i such a profoundly grounding way. I can not stop recommending this to people!

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