The Ascended Self Replays

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*an inner immersion into stillness
*a noTHINGness that contains the All
*an experience of the cosmic void

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11 reviews for The Ascended Self Replays

  1. Lenora Pfeffer (verified owner)

    Much gratitude to Kerry for an amazing experience as we built our own rainbow bridge to our true infinite selves. Thank you for starting us with stillness. This is a gift I take with me through life. Much love gratitude,, and respect.

  2. susan dellanzo

    Kerry has an amazing way of guiding you to your own inner Stillness, from where you can access your own inner knowing. The gift you find there is beyond words and is something you will have infinite access to. I thank Kerry from the bottom of my heart and appreciate ALL she does for Humanity.

  3. Jennifer Hawley (verified owner)

    This course brought myself and others into the No- Thingness…to Zero point instaneously. Chills each time we had class moved through me. I could feel the instant connection with each attending … As with any of Kerry’s courses or meditation there seems to be a miraculous connection that comes in warp speed. I have witnessed this with each one of attended. Powerful. Powerful beyond measure as We TRULY are in our ONENESS. I would do it again & again & again . I send Gratitude to Kerry & all those who attended. I would reccomend others to join in on any of her meditations, activations or courses. For I have nothing but good vibes during and after each one. Take the plunge into Zero point. You will feel it in an instant. Gratitude & Love to All. In our Togetherness We Rise. 💙🙏💙

  4. Mary Makkonen

    Kerry knows the way IN to the deep inner stillness. She’s heart first…. these are the reasons I signed up. Yet I got much more: someone who carefully spoke to my small mind doubts and hesitations. I’m still growing, expanding from this class. Loved it!

  5. Ishta Grace (verified owner)

    I was so grateful to participate in this course, the Ascended Self.
    For me, I experienced how my mind kept me a prisoner and prevented me to the glorious space of the Zero Point. With Kerry’s guidance , love and grace we were guided to beyond anything I have experienced before. The meditations were so powerful.
    With All my love and gratitude Kerry , for all that you offer, guiding us thru all times.

  6. Cheryl Kirk (verified owner)

    This is the first course I’ve taken with Kerry and it was by far beyond my expectations. Week 5 and 6 are complete game changers. If you’ve never been to the Void, this is your perfect opportunity to explore it. Love and Gratitude 🌈💜🕊

  7. suhzon (verified owner)

    The Ascended Self course has helped me to go beyond my normal, to go deeper into another layer of myself. A layer which has brought me closer to the Self. There are no words to express the inner opening of the Self to the Source within. The ability to empty oneself from all external programming, patterns, beliefs, and illusions comes to mind for I am here to be of service to all. Kerry K has a divine way of weaving the fabric of your soul to Oneness.

  8. So much LOVE, Angela (verified owner)

    The Ascended Self experience was truly transformative, timely & cataclysmic in my personal journey multidimensional beingNess. Kerry is awesomely unique in her ability to hold quantum space, giving each individual the opportunity to be their own guide in the ascending collective symphony. I am comforted, honored & grateful to Kerry and my fellow participants. I look forward to further journeying & uplifting together!

  9. veronika (verified owner)

    This was a gracious journey in to the deep self and a multidimensional expansion in to the void. At times I felt streams of light and geometry pulsing through my body, an electrifying experience. Also intensely peaceful. I am so grateful for this beautiful experience.

  10. Cheryl Corcione

    The Ascended Self has took me into deeper states of the void and beyond what I have been able to previously experience on my own. Each week was more powerful. Every day I repeated the guided meditations for deeper immersion and transformation. I felt immediate shifts and felt more and more expansive states of consciousness. I am able to access Zero point so much more effortlessly and hold this expansive state even outside of mediation as I bring it into my everyday awareness. I am able to go through my life with much more grace and ease. As Kerry holds space for the group, she guides us on a beautiful journey which ampliflies our frequency and remembrance. I highly recommend The Ascended Self and ALL of Kerry’s other powerful, transformative courses and meditations. ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Michelle Sullivan (verified owner)

    I am the pure essence animating all my infinite multidimensional selves. This is the all important, core awareness of this course.

    (And as I finished writing this first sentence, a van pulled up with “Dream Maker written on the side – the 2nd time I’ve seen this van in a couple of hours).

    How Lovely, how Freeing, that the awareness of all my selves being infinite in number gave rise to the reality of that statement “I am the pure essence animating all my infinite multidimensional selves.”

    Prior to arriving at this awareness, Kerry’s expertly guided meditation also resulted in my releasing of So Much of my currently-perceived-as-front-&-center life story … exCept the me-as-an-innocent child part.

    I released So Much unconsciously-held fear as I consciously worked With my body as the pure, true divine “I”, giving special reverent gratitude to my adrenal glands because man-oh-man, how extreme has been the fear they’ve gone through & yet are still here … stronger now, beCause of what we’ve gone through, along with the rest of me, as my awareness grows.

    Ahhhhh… such deepening love, respect, appreciation, reverence I’m feeling for the me I truly Am, for the One We that all truly Is.

    And perfectly fitting is the name on the big truck that just now went by:
    “This is Home.”

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