You Are Love

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It is so easy to be distracted with who we are not; especially in the past few months we have been bombarded with news that occupies our energy and often prevents us from connecting with who and what we are. Our evolutionary process is the most important thing we are doing, yet it can be put on the back burner in favour of following political highs and lows, economic fluctuations, and distractions in form a world that is in massive flux.

The external flux is only ever a reflection of our inner world and this meditation and activation recentres you exactly where you are meant to be; immersed in and connected to, your divine consciousness.

You are a light upon this planet and this one-hour interlude is an opportunity to reignite that light and to direct yourself back to the love that you are, and always have been.

In this astounding energy field, you will be given space to:

*experience deep body relaxation
*connect to your central core column of light (which is your monad)
*stabilise and grounded
*extend into higher consciousness to the bodies capacity
*connect to Source/God Consciousness
*connect to your origins as an individuated being
*bring that back into your stabilised field for embodiment

Why is there no set fee for this event?

I really wanted to explore a new way of offering service to humanity, a new way of exchange where there is NO OBLIGATION, only pure VOLUNTARY heart-based offerings. This is only an exploration and not a permanent offer so let us find out together what a heart centred payment option gifts us.

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With love
Kerry K


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13 reviews for You Are Love

  1. Cheryl

    I truly enjoy and appreciate your talks

  2. Mona Noel

    Namasthe ! Thank you with an ever Grateful Heart for this mail on ‘ YOU ARE LOVE ‘ Event. Yes Divine Soul ‘ KERRY K. I will be attending this event with you.

    • Kerry K

      Love and gratitude dear Mona ❤

  3. Kenneth Lankford


  4. Kathryn NAIRN

    Looking forward foe this new movement. Better times are coming. Take care 💛

  5. meike selig (verified owner)

    just wonderful! took me to heaven and even though i returned to earth it still feels heavenly because heaven has come to earth with me. i’m so very alive and so very ‘alove’ – thank you so much dear kerry! ♥♥♥

  6. Christina Wasef (verified owner)

    This was the most profound energy activation I have had in my 20 years working in the light. My entire existence was intensely filled with golden light It was truly a magical experience and such a blessing to be a part of. It was a beautiful immersion of divine golden energy.

  7. Morven (verified owner)

    Kerry… I love the
    multi – tones and tempi of your voice… By the end of this meditation I was in absolute paroxysms of laughter… Child like hysterical and unstoppable laughter… My body enjoyed this so much… And I needed this laughter… I LOVE you Kerry.. I feel like a chubby golden infant. Thank you xxxx

  8. Angela Langley (verified owner)

    This was such an incredibly powerful energy activation. I felt so soothed and loved during and after the activation. Thank you dear Kerry for this beautiful experience.

  9. Rachel Navaro (verified owner)

    Kerry is a beautiful guide on transformational meditations. She can clearly sense the energy of each participant and with a simple word or two make you feel that the guidance is for you personally – because it clearly is. Thank you, Kerry! ❤️

  10. C. Childress

    masterful! your honey-like voice takes me places I have never been before. THANK YOU!

  11. Rian Fourie

    5 star
    Thanks for the work being done

  12. ETHEREAL Frequency (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful masterpiece of meditation.

  13. Kristien (verified owner)

    A fantastic meditations, I felt so loved and nurtured.
    Thank you, Kerry. You really are an angel ❤️

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