The First Trimester of Pregnancy – A Guided Meditation

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In this serene, guided meditation you will be given the space to develop a relationship of love and trust with your body. You will feel what it’s like to be held as you hold life within you. You will connect to the Divine Feminine of the Universe, the Sacred Goddess herself, and feel the nurturing warmth of her support activating your own Divine Feminine within; all the while you will be connecting to your bodies innate natural wisdom.

Both you and your baby will enjoy a light bath, tender and gentle, infused with divine golden feminine presence as the Universe holds you, mother and child, in a gorgeous embrace that fills you both with love.

Whether you are purchasing this for yourself or someone you love, the first trimester of pregnancy is a profound time for both mom and baby, it can be the birthplace of a relationship of love with your body and your baby.

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1 review for The First Trimester of Pregnancy – A Guided Meditation

  1. Lindsey Paul (verified owner)

    My mom gifted me this meditation during a very scary first trimester. Due to some issues, I was full of constant anxiety and fear that I was going to lose my baby. Kerry’s soothing voice and guidance helped me breathe again, to trust in my body, and to let love take over. I now have a very happy and loving three month old baby in my arms! Thank you, Kerry!

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