Wholeness – The meditation

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Wholeness, the meditation, came about after a deep discussion with a dear friend about the state of humanities consciousness. We spoke about how many people believe in the idea of brokenness and that there are parts and pieces of them that are either unwhole, altogether broken or completely missing.

The truth is, our higher multi-dimensional self exists in a perpetual state of wholeness and when we tap into that we realise that being broken open so the light may enter is different from being broken and that even whilst we endure trauma’s and struggle’s in our everyday reality, we can always connect with our innate perfection, that state of wholeness is very much within our reach.

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3 reviews for Wholeness – The meditation

  1. Chrisann (verified owner)

    I don’t remember many words from the Wholeness meditation but feeling was amazing. It was like being read my favorite bedtime story, as a kid, and feeling ever so safe and held. Delightful experience. Thank you, Kerry.

  2. Amel Fattoumy

    What a beautiful meditation, I feel so loved, held and blessed mmmmm no words! thank you! !!!

  3. Sabrina Hellmann

    Wonderful deep relaxation. I felt so safe and peaceful. I listened to the meditation in the evening and had a lucid dream at night (as if God was talking to me in my head). Of course I don’t know if they are connected. But the meditation was wonderful. I normally speak a different native language than English and yet I could understand almost everything and, more importantly, feel it! So beautiful.

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