Womb Clearing

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Womb Clearing

This is an audio only meditation, about 20 minutes long and is the sacred container for women to embark on a womb clearing exercise. This can be undertaken prior to conception, before or after and is highly beneficial even if you are not pregnant or wanting to be pregnant. The womb becomes the storage house for sexual shame, for shame of femininity and for ancestral birth and sexual trauma. This meditation is loving, kind, gentle and easy. You will find yourself held and deeply supported through the release process which offers a space of graceful reconnection to the divine feminine and to the earth mother herself.

With love
Kerry K

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1 review for Womb Clearing

  1. taniadd30 (verified owner)

    Wow Kerry thank you for this. I have had pain in my womb for over 2 weeks and no matter what I did it just was not releasing. During the meditation I could feel tension instead of pain in my whom, the feeling that it was not willing to let go of something. As the meditation progressed I could feel the tension slowly be released. 24 hours later, my body still remembers the feeling of letting go, the pain is gone and I feel the womb slowly healing whatever it had to be healed.

    • Kerry K

      Wow Tania, that’s just fantastic! I’m so glad that this supported you in clearing what you needed to. Well done!!

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