Releasing the Pain of Others

Please consider releasing the notion that it is your path to carry heaviness for the collective.

From time to time I hear people saying that they are carrying huge density for the collective. None of us are required to do this, voluntarily or involuntarily. We do not serve the collective by carrying its pain, we only serve the collective by embodying our light.

Martyrdom was a trick played upon humanity, a ploy to keep well intended beings from truly being of service and a means to keep the well intentioned, inefficient, impotent and ineffective. Self-Sacrifice serves no one … ever. Nope, not even under any circumstance.

Playing small and diminishing yourself serves only to keep your light hidden and we have long since left the place of needing to dim our light. Shine brothers and sisters, shine. Shine loud, shine bright, shine unapologetically and start now because you were never meant to carry the pain of others but rather to live a life in celebration of your magnificence. This is not showing off, this is showing humanity how. Do it! You came here for this.

Want to live your light into the world?
Ready to shed density?
Done with carrying the pain of others?

Please join me and a magnificent team of speakers from all around the world, who are gathering together to offer you an 11 day online symposium called Heavens Gate 2019. It is our time now, it is your time, heaven is calling and it’s calling your name. Will you answer? If so you will be met by Nicky Hamid, Dr. Sarah Larsen, Matthew Patti, Jason Estes, Colin Joe Byrne, Susan Marie, John McIntosh, Yukia Azorah Sandara & Kerry K Samadhi who will be your guides.