Sacral Chakra Healing and Why it Matters Most

Your second chakra (from the base) is called the Sacral Chakra and radiates in a large circle that extends out through your belly (the area below your navel) and lower back.

In this YouTube video, I talk about the reasons why your sacrum is becoming active right now. The video focuses on ascension symptoms in the gut and of course, I never remember all that I want to say in a video so here is the full list that I never got to cover.

The sacral chakra governs these things:

• trust
• intuition
• your gut instinct
• reactivity and volatility
• buried / stored / blocked emotions
• core woundings
• all that is suppressed and undealt with
• your creativity
• your ability to manifest
• your sensuality
• your flow of movement
• ease of life / ease of passage
• connection to others
• your ability to “read a room” and read energy
• your empathy (what you pick up from others)
• your sensitivity
• this is the seat of abundance (or lack)


Are you starting to see why the sacrum is so important to cleanse and clear and work with? Most human beings have chronic blockages in the sacrum.



Last week I was sitting down minding my own business, when suddenly a wave of energy came upon me and I felt so compelled to re-record a favourite meditation of mine. Sacred Sacrum was first recorded in 2019 and if you asked me which chakra cleansing meditation I’d recommend, it was always that one. If you wanted to do all the chakra’s then “The New Human” online course is my first choice, but if you want just a quick but super powerful super charging meditation then Sacred Sacrum is the one.

Once I re-recorded the Sacred Sacrum meditation I was in sheer delight because when you work with unlocking and unblocking the sacrum here’s what happens:


When you clear the blocked energy in your sacral area you will feel

• emotional clarity
• lighter in every way
• a sense of space
• deeper levels of relaxation
• more ease
• more creativity
• more ability to tune in to you
• more trust
• deeper access to intuitive flow
• synchronicity
• deeper healing
• release of old, buried and blocked emotions
• a sense of cleansing and restored calm
• easing of lower back or tummy aches
• releasing of tension and anxiety
• feeling more abundant and joyful
• exuberance and life force returning


Ease of flow, that comes from the sacrum. Restoration of your creativity, including your power to manifest (create) reality consciously, that healing happens in the sacrum. Letting go of old wounds … sacrum. Healing really needs to start there and what’s crazy to me is how the spiritual community often focuses on the third eye as the seat of intuition and higher wisdom, yet it’s the sacral chakra that unlocks the third eye and allows it to function at a higher level.


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Sacral Chakra Healing